Sunday, December 12, 2010

(43-138) Upon Further Consideration

When I wrote "Santa And The Fairies" I explained that Kelsie had told me that she no longer believed in Santa Claus.  After discussing the matter with her, it seemed to me that she was starting to question some of the components of the Santa legend; but that she still believed that there was a Santa.  Kelsie was doubting Santa because she didn't believe that reindeer could fly; AND she didn't understand how he could make it to each house around the world in just one night.  After having this conversation, I didn't bring the topic up again; but with the onset of the holiday season, I was curious to hear what if anything Kelsie had to say on the subject of Santa.

Kelsie was excited to see Santa at the end of the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade; and based on her reaction to him; I could see that she still wasn't convinced, that he wasn't real.  When we went to the Red Rock Light Fantasy, Kelsie insisted that she go to see Santa; (even though no one else wanted to;) and once she was sitting on his knee and he asked her what she wanted for Christmas; she said "I still don't know."  Which just reinforced my theory that she still believes in Santa.  And for those of you who are curious; (because I know you are;) Santa told her to keep thinking about it.

Well last night, after watching "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," Kelsie announced that she does still believe in Santa.  Thanks to the show, her questions have been answered.  She now knows that the reindeer can fly because of the magic reindeer feed that the Winter Warlock had given Kris Kringle.  She knows that Santa started going down chimneys because the people had locked their doors; although she did ask me how he gets in your house if you don't have a chimney and your doors are locked.  For lack of a better answer, I told her that people leave their doors unlocked if they don't have a chimney, and because I think she wants to believe so badly; she didn't question me further.  She said that she now understands where Mrs. Claus came from; and this seemed to close the deal for her.  So yes, upon further consideration; Kelsie has decided that she does in fact still believe in Santa Claus; and she is very excited for him to arrive, even though she still doesn't know what she wants him to bring her.

The idea of Santa is just magical, and the fact that Kelsie didn't know what she wanted for Christmas, but she still wanted to go see him, just reinforces to me, the joy that Santa brings.  Kelsie still wanted and needed to believe that Santa's magic is real; and I for one think that's a good thing.
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Joni Parker said...

Joseph (also 7) is skaky this year too..asking some of those same questions and "What happens when Santa dies?" ... But I know he still believes, but not sure how next year will go?!!