Thursday, December 30, 2010

(43-156) A Classic

Although I'm capable of being very assertive; in many situations, I'm extremely shy.  There are certain times when I speak my mind without reservation, and others when I have difficulty expressing my truth, for fear of offending someone.  For those of you who are familiar with the assertive, free speaker; you may be shocked to hear that there are two VERY different sides of me; while others of you may have experienced it first hand.

Well, on Christmas night when (SMF) David and Jenny were over, it was the second time in two days that I kinda beat around the bush about something because I thought that if I was direct, I might have insulted my friends.  It wasn't a big deal at all, as it was just about hamburgers, (stop laughing;) but nonetheless, it was awkward for me.  Ultimately, David told me that I could just say, "I don't like beer" (which is what I had trouble saying, the night before;) or "I don't like frozen hamburger patties;" and he had me repeat both of those sentences a number of times; before he asked "why don't you like beer?"

I explained that I actually used to like beer A LOT; but that the summer between my Sophomore and Junior years of college, I worked (pretty much round the clock) at a bar that was on the beach in The Hamptons.  I was 19 /20 years old, and they allowed me to drink while I was working; (which was ALL THE TIME,) so it seemed like I had been drunk for the better part of that summer, and as a result, I kinda had my fill of drinking.

I elaborated, by saying; during the weekends I would work in the snack bar (of the club) selling breakfast.  After breakfast, I moved outside and worked, in my bathing suit, selling food that we barbecued.  I would go home, (to my "Little Princess" room in the attic that I mentioned in "Authors") take a shower and return to the club to cashier at the door.  After a number of weeks of working on the kitchen staff, I switched positions and started working for the woman who ran the gift shop.  She sold a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that; t-shirts, tank tops, jewelry, candy, breath mints, condoms etc.

I then told David; that I had a CLASSIC Paige story to tell him.  It's actually one of my all time faves; and so, of course, I have to share...  One night I was working in the gift shop and this dweeby (I know, not a nice thing to say but you get the picture) guy came up to the counter.   He asked for a pack of gum, and then kind of gestured towards something else in the display case, but I wasn't sure what he was interested in.  I said "Snickers?"  but he shook his head no and then again motioned towards another item.  Finally after a couple of guesses, I said in a surprised tone "condoms?"  And he let out a sigh of relief and shyly said "yes."  I asked him which kind he wanted, but he didn't know.  He asked me what was popular, but being knew to the gift shop, (and young;) I didn't know.  I suggested one and he said that he'd take it, as he clearly wanted me to quickly conclude our transaction.  And then, God help me; I honestly don't remember why I did it; but I said "would you like a bag or do you want to wear them out?"  The guy then looked at me with great annoyance,  grabbed his condoms, said "I hate you;" and walked away.
Oh my goodness; I don't know what possessed me to say such a thing, but I thought that it was hysterical; and to this day, I still do.
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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOL LOL LOL!! That is FUNNY!! Have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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