Monday, December 20, 2010

(43-146) Proof Of KARMA

This afternoon, Kelsie and I went to Fry's Marketplace to do some grocery shopping.  I knew that I had other errands to run (YES, MORE;) so I wanted to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible.  Kelsie eyed a short line and while we waited to approach the register, I took out my Fry's card and my credit card; so I'd be ready to go.  I'm not sure what it was that reminded me that I'd forgotten something; but I told Kelsie that I needed to grab a couple of candles, so we got off of the line.

Kelsie and I headed towards the candles, and along the way, I picked up a 10 pack of hangers for $1.25 (since they had the little hooks on them that I like; and I haven't found those easily lately.)  I put the 2 candles in my cart, and went over to the shampoo aisle because apparently when I thought I bought hair conditioner last night; I had actually gotten shampoo.  I decided to pass on the conditioner, because they only had a small bottle for more than I had even paid for the larger bottle.  AND THEN; all of a sudden, I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach; because I realized that my credit card was gone.

I had it in my hand as I walked away from the check out line; and now, it wasn't in my hand, nor my pocket, or my wallet, or my purse.  I looked in the general area where we had just been; but I didn't see it anywhere.  I tried not to panic, because I knew that wouldn't help resolve the situation.  I told myself that I could report the card as missing and dispute any charges that might have been made; but nonetheless, I went up to the customer service counter to see if anyone had turned it in.

My card was not turned in, so I went back to the check out line where I had last seen my card and I carefully looked through my purse; but the card could not be found.  I enlisted the aid of a clerk who was straightening up in the area; but nothing turned up.  I decided to retrace my steps just one more time; so Kelsie and I started walking back towards the hangers, and looked to make sure that I hadn't laid the card down when I picked the hangers up.  But no card.  We checked by the candle display and Kelsie looked in the box; but no card.  With that we walked over to the shampoo aisle, where I was sure it was not; since I hadn't picked anything up there; and there, lying on the floor, strip side up was my credit card.  Woosh!  What a sigh of relief for me!!  

I immediately thanked God, and instead of attributing my luck to a Christmas miracle; I told Kelsie that I thought that I had found the card because of Karma.  I told her that you get back what you put out in this world and since I'm always trying to work towards, (say it with me;) "The GREATER GOOD," this time I was benefiting from my contribution.  I also told Kelsie that we may have been fortunate because of all of the things that Luis finds and returns; when possible. Either which way, I do believe that it was proof of karma.

If someone asked you to describe "The Bumpy Ride," it would be my fervent hope, that (amongst other things;) you would mention it's focus on the "GREATER GOOD;" and suggested means to achieve it. Being a big (say it with me) "HUGE" proponent of working towards "The greater good;" I am a total believer in karma; and today I got myself a wonderful helping of it.
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Queen of EVERYTHING                                                 

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Joni Parker said...

Not surprised at all to read this... we too are big believers of Karma.. I all too often get to point that out to Joseph too. (His Karma is "instant"...kinda funny sometimes)!