Wednesday, December 8, 2010

(43-134) Hershey To The Rescue...

I LOVE my dog, I LOVE my dog, and by the way; I LOVE MY DOG!!!  We were blessed to meet Hershey almost 2 years ago; and she has brought immense happiness and love to our lives daily.  Although Lyndzi was the one who originally asked for a Chihuahua puppy; I honestly think that I'm the one who benefits most from having her.  Hershey is my constant companion while the kids are at school and I'm home working; and I think that I'd be very lonely without her.  Hershey is affectionate, and smart and her comprehension never ceases to amaze me.  At least once a day, I find myself saying to Luis "See, she totally understands me.  I just told her ___________ and she did (whatever the appropriate action would be.)"

I was dreading today, as it would have been my mom's 67th birthday.  I was hoping that I could find a way not to be sad and dwell on my loss, and once again; Hershey came to my rescue.  Now you have to understand that even though Hershey and I are very close, she is extremely protective over each of us.  IF Hershey sleeps in her crate at night; she and I have a routine that we go through in the morning.  Once she lets me know that she's awake, I open her crate door and then I rub her tummy as she stretches.  Then she comes out of the crate and lays on the floor in front of me; stretches some more and demands more petting and adoration,  Once she's yawned three times, I let her out so that she can do her business.  She comes in, I give her a treat and she takes off like a bat out of hell to go sleep with Nicky.  When I go upstairs at 630 to wake Lyndzi up, Hershey wakes up too and then it's anybodies guess as to where she's going to end up.  BUT, when I try to touch one of the kids, to wake them up or give them a hug, she immediately tries to protect them and she'll try to get in my way and deter me.  She's such a GREAT protector!!

Ok, so lets head down that BUMPY hill...  Lyndzi had been complaining of a sore throat for a couple of days, so the girls had made a "nest" on the floor in front of my bed last night, just in case Lyndzi wasn't feeling well in the middle of the night.  Lyndzi had gotten into bed with me around 3am and Kelsie remained in "the nest."  At 630am I went upstairs to wake Lyndzi up and Hershey came running to the room.  Lyndzi and I agreed that she'd stay home and I'd take her to the doctor; so Hershey got in bed with her, while I went back downstairs to continue working.  At 7am I returned upstairs to wake Kelsie and Nicky; but just as I approached Kelsie, Hershey gave a little perplexed cry and haphazardly leaped off the bed towards Kelsie, and landed right on her.  Kelsie then gave out a cry of her own, as Hershey stood on her ribs and tried to ward me away from her.  I tired to explain to Kelsie that Hershey was only trying to protect her; but she continued to cry and grab her ribs.  I knew that Kelsie couldn't REALLY be hurt, since Hersh weighs no more than 6 lbs.  and I'm sure that the impact of the Chihuahua landing on her unexpectedly was quite startling; but bad mommy that I am, couldn't help but laughing because the vision of it was so amusing.
Thank God for Hershey!  She not only came to Kelsie's rescue; but she came to mine too.  Just when I expected to have a difficult day, Hershey gave me a laugh that lasted all day long.  Anytime I started to feel sad; I would think of Hershey catapulting herself through the air and landing on Kelsie and I would laugh out loud.  I LOVE my dog; I LOVE my dog; and by the way; I LOVE my dog!!!
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Joni Parker said...

Cute... oh..I see I missed yesterdays to read that one too!