Saturday, December 11, 2010

(43-137) Kelsie's Special Day

It just doesn't seem possible that my baby, Kelsie turned seven today; and yet, she did.
Since Lyndzi and Kelsie's birthdays are exactly a week apart; and they often share parties and celebrations, I think that it's important for each of them to feel like they have their own, special day.  We woke Kelsie up by singing "Happy Birthday" to her; and when she came downstairs she found a Happy Birthday banner, a card and a light up, birthday girl pin.  Kelsie was very pleased and I was truly gratified.

Between my three kids, we had four soccer games scheduled for today, but luckily we were able to sleep in a bit because we didn't have to be on the field until 9am.  Kelsie played happily with Lyndzi and their friends, during Nicky's game; and then went to warm up for her own.  She knew that I couldn't come to her game, because Lyndzi had one at the same time and since Luis was coaching her game; he couldn't trade places with me at half time.  Although Kelsie wanted me at her game and I didn't want to miss it; I felt like I needed to be there for Lyndzi tool so I went to the first half of Lyndzi's game and then at half time I went to Kelsie's.  The Torpedos played more like themselves today, and won 5 to 1; Happy Birthday, Kels!!.  I brought cookies to share with the team and they all sang "Happy Birthday" to her.  During Lyndzi's second game, Kelsie played on the playground and was as happy as could be.  I have never met a child who loves the playground as much as Kelsie does; so she was very excited to have the time to play.

On November 14th, Luis took Nicky to see "Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows" and they went to dinner; so the girls and I watched "Ramona and Beezus," and they asked to go to Carrabba's for dinner.  Since I think that Carrabba's has a very fair price for their kids meals, considering the size and the quality; I agreed.  When we got to the restaurant, the hostess advised that there was approximately a 20 minute wait, or she gave us the option to sit at the pasta bar.  She explained that if we sat at the pasta bar, we'd get seated right away, we could watch the cooks prepare the food AND, we'd be given free samples.  The girls loved this idea, so at the pasta bar we sat.  Promptly after sitting down, we were given complimentary Mozzarella sticks.  We sat, watching the guy who made the pizzas, and then our meal came out.  We all enjoyed our food, and observing the cooks; and as if that wasn't enough; they gave each of us our own, complimentary dessert.  A scoop of Blue Bell, vanilla ice cream with Carmel sauce and candied Pecans.  The girls and I had such a good time and were so impressed; that they asked if we could go their for their birthday dinner; and I said "Absolutely."

The birthday dinner was going to be a joint venture because we all agreed that we would go out to dinner on one of their birthdays and have a couple of friends over on the other.  So tonight we went back to Carrabba's.  We didn't invite any friends like we usually do, because seating is limited at the pasta bar and that's where the girl's wanted to sit.  I tried to call ahead, but they wouldn't hold the seats, so we just had to take our chances.  When we arrived, there were only four seats available.  We were told to take those four seats and then we could have the fifth seat as soon as someone got up.  Tonight we sat on the pasta and grill side of the kitchen, so we had a totally different view of what goes on.  We were given chicken and spinach ravioli, with this phenomenal sauce; and even though it's not something that I would typically eat, I tired it and much to my surprise, so did all of my kids; and EVERYONE liked it.  It makes me so happy when they try something new. We watched the kitchen staff for quite some time as the people who were occupying the other seats, were only having their salad when we sat down.  Once they got their check, we thought it was safe to place our order and although Luis had to eat his salad standing up; he couldn't have enjoyed it more.  By the time dinner was served; the people had vacated their seats; and we were all able to sit and eat comfortably.  The kitchen staff were friendly and proficient; and we all felt like we were in a live episode of "Top Chef."  The wait staff brought over a dessert for the girls, and sang their traditional, Italian birthday song; and the girls were thrilled.

If you've heard of Carrabba's but have never been to one; I highly recommend it.  I've been a fan for quite some time; since their chicken dishes are grilled rather than breaded and fried.  Everything always tastes fresh, their sauces are to die for and their Caesar salad is my all time favorite.  Not to mention, the warm, crusty bread with olive oil and herbs for dipping.  YUM!!!  If you have been to Carrabba's but never sat at the pasta bar; you have to do so the next time you go.  I can't promise you that they'll give you a free dessert; but at the least, you'll receive a complimentary appetizer (of their choice) and have a front seat for all of the food preparation.

After dinner we went to Wal-mart to buy some more Christmas lights; and we let the kids each pick out a new ornament for our tree.  We cam home and watched "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town;" which I had DVR'd for the kids the other night. I snuggled with Kelsie, and I asked her if she'd had a she had a special day and she assured me that she did.   One down, one to go.
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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like a special day! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Joni Parker said...

Happy Birthday!!! We've been to Carrabbas several times, but didn't realize there was a Pasta Bar?? Wonder if that's all locations or only yours? We go to one on Bell & 59th Ave...same or diff than you?