Sunday, February 6, 2011

(43-194) Mother Knows Best??

Just as I've previously promised that this was not becoming an all Scrapbooking blog, an all Politics blog, an all Soccer blog, an all Feet blog, an all Quote blog or an all anything else that I've ever had to promise this blog was not going to be all about; blog ~ it's also NOT becoming my journal, or sickness update blog; because really, who wants to read that?  BUT, (and of course you knew there had to be a but;) since my trials and tribulations are as much a part of "The Bumpy Ride" as my humor and advice are; that brings me to today's topic.

When I wrote "ALL AROUND ALL STAR,"  I told you that Nicky had gotten quite sick, very unexpectedly; and I even remarked that the rapid onset of his illness, was very much like what we'd experienced with Lyndzi two weeks ago.  Well as I was typing that post, I could hear Lyndzi coughing in the play room; and I asked Luis to give her a breathing treatment, because it sounded like her Asthma cough.  Luis went over to Lyndzi and she felt unusually warm; so he took her temperature; and it was 102.5  I couldn't believe it.  This poor child. 

We immediately started giving her breathing treatments and Ibuprofen; and since her cough actually sounded worse than what Nicky had; we gave her some of his cough syrup as well.  Lyndzi rested comfortably until about 5am when I heard her coughing.  I woke up and she was crying because she couldn't breathe.  I took her downstairs and had to give her two consecutive breathing treatments because she was in such distress. I took her temperature, and it was 105.2; which I knew wasn't because she'd been sleeping on that ear.  I gave Lyndzi Ibuprofen and got her back to sleep; but I set my alarm for 7:40, so that we could make it to Urgent Care right when they opened.

We arrived at Urgent Care just a few minutes after 8 and there were two patients ahead of us.  Lyndzi was crying because she didn't feel well; and after a considerable wait, we saw the doctor.  The doctor happened to be the same one that we saw two weeks ago; but he seemed perplexed by Lyndzi's symptoms.  After examining her, he told us that he believed she had an ear infection, and her Asthma, of course.  He said that she and Nicky could be passing a virus back and forth; and he also mentioned the possibility of the flu.  He asked if she'd been exposed to anyone who had the flu; but I told him that our entire family had gotten the flu shot; and to the best of my knowledge, Lyndzi hadn't been around anyone who'd had the flu.  Nonetheless, he prescribed the flu medication as well.

We dropped off Lyndzi's prescriptions at CVS; and I took her home to give her another breathing treatment and some Tylenol.  When I went back to pick up the prescriptions, the pharmacy tech told me that she had tried to call me because they didn't have the flu medication at that location.  She found another pharmacy that had it; but while she was checking into it, Luis called me.  I asked Luis about the flu medication, given his pharmacy knowledge; and my uncertainty about this diagnosis.  Luis explained that all the medicine would do is help with the flu symptoms like congestion and body aches etc; it wouldn't cure the flu.  I told him that she hadn't complained of body aches or any other flu like symptoms and he suggested that I speak to the pharmacist.  I had a lengthy conversation with the pharmacist and we both agreed that it seemed unlikely that Lyndzi had the flu.  I told him that I didn't want to over medicate Lyndzi; especially, considering that she had only just finished antibiotics and steroids a week ago; and he agreed.  He said, sometimes mom just knows best; so I asked him, "if she was your daughter,would you give her the flu medicine?"  And he said "no." 

I left feeling confident about my decision not to give Lyndzi the flu medication.  I took her prescriptions home and gave her medications.  She's been resting a lot more comfortably; and so far it seems that I made the right choice.  For Lyndzi's sake, I sure hope that this time, Mother knows best.
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