Monday, February 21, 2011

(43-209) I Reckon

I'm not in a great mood today; I'll admit it.  I've tried to snap out of it, many different ways; and even managed to genuinely enjoy myself a couple of times.  But, when it comes right down to it, try as I may; I still feel like I'm in a funk.   Do I know the cause of my less than cheery disposition?  Not exactly.  I think it may be a number of things; which are just snowballing.  None of them are important in and of themselves; but when you compound them all; it's hard to climb out from under.

If I wasn't writing "The Bumpy Ride" daily; I suppose that I could just suffer in silence.  But now that I've committed to writing a daily post; it's rather difficult to come up with something upbeat to share; when I'm feeling anything but.  I find that once again I'm questioning my decision to write a daily blog; and although I hate the idea of being a quitter; I'd be a liar too, if I said that I wasn't contemplating throwing in the towel.

I suspect that since I've come this far; I should stick with it.  I should remind myself of my reasons for beginning this endeavor, and I should persevere; but sometimes, most of the times, it's easier said than done.  This daily blog was not meant to be a journal; it was meant to be a tale of discovery and growth and gratitude; and I posit that if I'm being honest with myself; for the most part, it has been.

Now I myself was not familiar with the word "posit," but I found it when  using my handy, dandy Thesaurus, to try and find synonyms for "suppose;" because I found that I was using that word a lot in this post.  Anyway, one of the other synonyms for suppose was "reckon;" but I felt that if I wrote "I reckon that if I'm being honest with myself..." it would have sounded more like Opie from "The Andy Griffith show," writing this post; than me ~ and then I made myself chuckle.  I felt myself emerging from the gloomy state that I'd been in all day.  That's all it took.  A glimmer of creativity, a drop of humor; and I was starting to feel more like myself.

So, I Reckon, that  I'll be sticking with the daily "Ride," for at least the next 157 days; God willing ~ and I sure hope that you'll be joining me.
Y'all come back now; ya hear?
Till next time...

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Joni Parker said...

You're funny... keep it up. I've been out of pocket for a few I'm playing catch up...