Wednesday, February 16, 2011

(43-204) MAMMA MIA!

I woulda, shoulda, coulda, called this post MY BAD; since ultimately it's about me making yet ANOTHER mistake.  BUT, since my mistake revolved around seeing the show "Mamma Mia," and MAMMA MIA is an Italian interjection; I decided to go with that; because I thought it was kinda clever.

Yesterday, when I wrote "Making Plans;" I told you about how I wanted to plan to see "Mamma Mia," in Las Vegas.  Did I think to check and see if it was still  running in Las Vegas before writing my post; hell no.  Why would I do that?  That would make too much sense.   It honestly never dawned on me to research it before writing my post; because I just assumed it was still there. But this morning, my friend Bernice left a comment on my post; and she told me to check because she didn't think it was currently showing in Las Vegas; and I guess by now you've figured out; that she's right.  OK, so I'm not feeling like the brightest bulb in the box at the moment; but this too shall pass.

When checking to see if  "Mamma Mia" was still in Vegas; I was able to find out that it is coming to the Gammage auditorium in Tempe, in May after all.  So at the very least we'll have an opportunity to see it if we want to take our chances on the sound.  As for the Vegas part of my plan; if people are interested in meeting up there; I could still plan to celebrate my 44th birthday there and see another show.  Barry Manilow's still there; (at least for now.)

The good news is; I've got nothing but time baby.  162 days to be exact. This is just a minor set back.  This is simply one wrong turn on this Bumpy Ride; and I for one am very excited to see where this journey will take me.  I have every confidence that I, Queen of PLANNING and clearly not Queen of RESEARCHING; will ultimately enjoy the best 44th birthday EVER; no matter what we do. 
Till next time...

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