Wednesday, February 2, 2011

(43-190) Weather Or Not

As I told you in "A Lil Bit about Arizona;"  Luis and I had moved here sight unseen.  Neither of us had ever been to Arizona before; but an opportunity presented itself; so we packed up, and moved.  We knew that it would be hot; but since we were moving FROM Florida; and Luis had lived most of his life in Puerto Vallarta; we thought that we'd be able to endure the high temps.  Interestingly enough, because we moved here in January; it wasn't hot at all.  In fact, it was downright chilly; and it rained almost every day for the first few weeks; which had me quite confused.

Once it started to warm up; the weather was ideal.  The skies were blue (like EVERY day;) and I couldn't imagine a better place to live.  I remember asking people about this "dry heat," because I had no idea what they were talking about.  But then that first spring, Luis and I went to Puerto Vallarta and as we stepped off the plane; the humidity smacked me in the face; and it was right then and there that I knew what was meant by dry heat; and I was grateful for it.  The summer temps didn't bother us; because we'd had an opportunity to ease into them; and just when you thought that it couldn't get any hotter; fall rolled around the weather got cooler; and again Arizona seemed ideal.

I think that Arizonans are well prepared for our high temperature days; it's just the cold temps and rain, that really seem to throw us for a loop.  If it gets down to 65, I think I'm cold, which is just shameful for a New Yorker; but hey, when you're used to 115 degrees and the temperature drops 50 degrees; you'd be cold too.

Now trust me; I am NOT complaining about the cold.  I wouldn't dare, when I know about the temperatures and the snow that the rest of the country is receiving.  BUT,  I thought I'd share a picture that was taken at Luis' hotel, so that people who've never been to Arizona can see what we're capable of.  

You never know where opportunity is going to take you.
When I was living in New York, I always thought that I would move out of state; but if anyone would have told me that I'd be living in Arizona, I don't think I would have believed them; since it wasn't a place that I'd ever been to or had a reason to go.  Well, for the most part living in Arizona has worked out very well for us; and I think we'll stay until the next opportunity presents itself. Weather or not.
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Joni Parker said...

I"m from I know about cold weather too. We've been here 15 years now, so we're "adjusted" to it too!! We also moved in Jan/Feb when it was nice and then went back to visit Ohio & got to appreciate "dry heat"..!!