Friday, February 11, 2011

(43-199) Welcome To The Lovefest!

We left Peoria around 430 yesterday; destination Thousand Oaks, California; to the home of my cousin Jackie.  I would have thought that I would have been hyper or anxious about finally getting to be with Jackie; but instead, I was unusually calm; as if I was going to see somoene that I'd known all of my life.

Although I was excited beyond belief, I was having a very difficult time staying awake.  See, I told you I was calm... But,  I'll attribute that to the Flu, that chose this day to kick my butt; OK, and the fact that I ALWAYS fall asleep on a car trip.

We arrived around 1130pm, and were greeted by a sign on Jackie's garage door that said "Park here.  Welcome to the Lovefest!"   Jackie came running out shrieking with excitement, and hugged me with every ounce of her being.  Her hug felt so familiar, and so loving; as if I'd known her all of my life.  And we cried.  We were both so overjoyed to be in each others arms, that we were overcome with emotion.  I think my kids (who had only just woke up,) weren't sure what to make of our tears; but we assured them that we were just happy and so glad to be together.  Jackie kept thanking me for finding her; and I could not express, (yes me;) how much it means to me to have her in my life.   

I know that I am extraordinarily blessed to have Luis for my husband, to have my three amazing children; and the world's best friends.  But the fact that I lost both of my parents by the time that I was 19 years old, has always left a void in my life, that no other relationship could fill; until now.  There is an unspoken, unconditional love and understanding that Jackie and I have shared from the moment that we've reconnected; and it has made me feel complete.  To be in her presence; truly feels like I've come home; and I know that I will never feel alone again.
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