Saturday, February 19, 2011

(43-207) The Great Skate Do Over

When I wrote "Do Over..." I told you about the night that I attempted to help my kids learn how to roller skate; and how it turned out to be one of the worst nights of my life; as a parent.  A few days later, I posted "Making Things Right..." and I explained that I had discovered that Great Skate offered roller skating lessons; and I was planning to take my kids there, so that they could learn how to skate properly and enjoy themselves; the way 
that they should have during their first skating experience.

Well, this morning Michelle and her son; Jenny and her 3 kids and our friend Christa, and her 2 daughters; met me and my kids at Great Skate; so that they could take their first roller skating lesson; and it was fantastic.  I was so proud of my kids.  They all went in with the most amazing, optimistic attitudes.  No one said that they were afraid; and quite honestly, after our last experience, I would have been fearful if I was the one putting wheels back on my feet; but not my three.  Everyone went in as if nothing had ever gone wrong there before; and I was incredibly relieved.

We got their skates on and everyone managed to make it over to the rink without incident.  When it came time for the lesson, the instructors told the kids to sit down so they could stretch.  They then said that if you'd never taken a lesson before, to remain seated after stretching.  They broke up into groups and all nine of our kids were then taught about the skates, how to position their hands if they were going to fall; and how to get themselves back up after falling.  I was thoroughly impressed.  Once the kids were on their feet, they were told to try to march to the wall; and they all did.  They were then instructed to skate back to the other wall; and to continue skating back and forth so that the teachers could observe them and move them into another group if necessary.

Nicky, Wyatt and Max were all moved to a slightly more advanced group; and all of the girls remained in the introductory group.  The hour passed fairly quickly and all of the kids had definitely made progress.  I asked all three of my kids if they'd be interested in coming back for another lesson; and they all said yes.

Open skate started immediately after the lesson was over; and all of the kids participated.  All of the kids fell numerous times; but they always picked themselves up and got right back to skating.  I couldn't believe how well they were doing after just one lesson.  Kelsie was even putting a little rhythm in her step and tried bouncing her shoulders and body to the beat.   I could tell that they were all very proud of themselves; and I was DELIGHTED.  I felt like I'd been vindicated, redeemed, and maybe even a little bit forgiven (by myself) for our last, horrific experience.   I felt so fortunate to have the opportunity to give my kids The Great Skate Do Over; and I am so happy to say that a wonderful time was had by all.
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Joni Parker said...

I'm glad you guys had fun...sorry we missed it. Crazy weekend..