Monday, February 28, 2011

(43-216) Another One Bit The Dust

Well, I hate to say I told you so; BUT, I did.... When I posted "Diving In," I shared my concerns about James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosting the Oscars; and well; let's just say that James Franco proved that I had every reason to doubt him.   I'll gladly give credit where credit's due and say that the opening montage was entertaining; although it was mostly in part to Anne Hathaway and the guest stars in the piece.  AND, kudos to Anne for her singing.  I had no idea that she had such a nice voice and I'd be happy to see her in a musical.  I could totally see her as Ms. Anna in a revival of "The King and I."  I was amused when Mr. Franco came out in drag; but apparently so was he; because he was more interested in tweeting it to is followers; than he was in hosting the show.  It appeared that Franco just wasn't invested in the production; and he left poor Annie to carry the show; which she was clearly anxious about.  Unfortunately her beautiful wardrobe changes (accept for that Royal blue cat woman dress;) weren't enough to pull off a win.  Truth be told; I think that Ms. Hathaway could have done a much better job, had she hosted the show ALONE.

I could go on and on about what a let down James Franco was; but honestly, my expectations were so low, that he didn't let me down; he just proved that I was right to doubt him to begin with.  I dunno, I just find him creepy and disturbing.  Yes I know, he speaks so highly of me; but that's not the point.  I find him to be an enigma.  He reminds me very much of the character that he's playing on "General Hospital;" whose name just also happens to be  Franco; because I suppose there was no other name that the staff of writers could think of. He's playing a multi-media artist; who just so happens to be a serial killer, and if you know anything about the "real" James Franco, then you know that he too is somewhat of a multi-media artist.  He's written both novels and children books.  He's earned several educational degrees and is still in the process of acquiring more.  He's an award winning actor, and Oscar nominated actor; and yet he's chosen to have a recurring role on "GH,"  with his real life mom playing his mom; FREAKY!  But enough about him.  I won't go as far as to say that Ms. Hathaway won't ever be asked to host the Oscar's again; but as for Mr. Franco's chances, let's just say; another one bit the dust.

Now, if anyone happened to be keeping track of my Oscar predictions, you'd know that I had 16 out of 24 correct; BUT, that wasn't enough to win my pool.  The winner had 17 picks and got 2 points for tie breakers.  The next person had 17 picks with one tie breaker; and then Michelle M and I each had a respectable 16; while the remaining 5 people had between 15 and 9 correct.  I know, I know.  Had I listened to my own reason regarding the best director; I too would have tied with 17; but I didn't want to go with my own judgement.  Oh why, oh why, I didn't  follow that rule when it came to best song, is any one's guess; but I'll know better next year.  I hope.

As for the fashion, I only want to talk about what I liked; because there are  plenty of others out there, who have a lot to say about the not so well dressed and I don't feel like putting any negativity out there today.   With that being said; at the very top of my list is Mandy Moore.  Not the dress that she wore to sing her nominated song; but the one that she wore on the red carpet.  Glitter, Glitter, POW!  She looked like a princess.  So elegant, so perfect.  It was the pinnacle of Oscar fashion in my opinion.  I also enjoyed Mila Kunis in her lavender gown; and I liked the lace, back and color of Scarlett Johanson's gown as well; although it was absolutely NOT amethyst as one reporter stated.  It was crimson, or cranberry or dare I say SCARLETT; but it certainly wasn't amethyst.  I thought Jennifer Lawrence looked sensational.  She wore a very simple, red, Calvin Klein gown; proving that less truly is more.  Michelle M suggested that she'd like to see her as young Carrie in the "Carrie Diaries," and I concur; although we hear that Blake Lively has already been tapped for the role.  I thought that Hailee Steinfeld was ideal.  So sweet, so age appropriate; just lovely.  I'm gonna leave well enough alone in the Best dressed category and conclude with a comment about last night's Best Actress winner, Natalie Portman.  I adored the Aubergine color of Natalie Portman's gown. I would have preferred her hair in an up do; and maybe some tasteful, bling on her ears; but all and all I thought that she looked beautiful; the gracious Oscar winner that she was.

OK, so I talked about the hosts, I gave my opinion on the best dressed; so that leaves the highlights; and if you know me at all, then you know that the BEST part of the show for me was when the BEST OSCAR HOST EVER, made his appearance.  I am SO hopeful that the fact that Billy Crystal got a standing ovation just for walking out on the stage, signaled to the Academy that it's time for him to take his rightful place, back on that Oscar stage, as the host extraordinaire that he is.  I think that the standing O showed the Academy that the stars are clamoring for Billy's return; just as much as the public is.  So here's my prediction.  I expect that Billy Crystal will return to host the Academy Awards no later than 2013. You heard it here first!   I'm optimistic that the Academy will realize that there's no time like the present, and they should plan for his return sooner rather than later.  BUT, if they really feel the need to try and hit the younger demographic one more time; then perhaps the 85th Academy Awards will be enough of a milestone to warrant their reinstatement of the King of The Oscars.

You get the point.  I love me some Billy Crystal.  I also loved Colin Firth's acceptance speech.  The award presentation by future Academy Award Winner, Robert Downey jr. and Jude Law.  Sandra Bullock's presentation of the Best Actor Oscar and Kirk Douglas presentation of the Best Supporting Actress award.  It was slightly uncomfortable to watch; but that could be said for the hosts as well.  Good for you Kirk Douglas!
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Joni Parker said...

Thanks for the honest update... I like Billy Crystal too!!

Kai said...

Hey Paige... I didn't watch the Oscars (bad me), but wanted to mention that Anne Hathaway did sing in a movie called Ella Enchanted... I wasn't sure at first if it was her voice, but she does have some lungs, huh? :) *wave*