Friday, June 3, 2011

(43-311) CRAFT By The Numbers

I promise, promise, promise (and ya know that if I say it three times, I REALLY mean it), that this is NOT becoming an all scrapbooking blog. BUT, I just couldn't resist the opportunity to share this exciting news about the Creating Reflective Art For Transformation ( CRAFT) Beach Retreat that I'm working on with my amazing friend, Rachel K.

Once again, I offer my apologies to the non-scrapbooking riders, and ask that you indulge me while I sharesome info on the retreat. Just think, it's not so much that you're reading about an event, but in following me onmy journey, you're learning about what I'm spending my time working on, how I'm assisting my friend and creating a wonderful opportunity and experience for others. So really if you think about it, this post is allabout (say it with me), "The Greater Good!"

More detailed info about the CRAFT Beach retreat will be announced soon, but in the mean time I'll share "By The Numbers" as seen on the CRAFT Beach Retreat blog:

SIX meaningful classes.

FIVE amazing instructors.

FOUR special FREE bonus activities.

THREE incredible sponsors.

TWO girls' night out events.

ONE magical experience.

I'm so excited to be working on and at this retreat and I promise, promise, promise that it's going to be beyond compare!!!
Till next time...

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cafrczar said...

Glad you were able to get your blog updated this evening!