Sunday, June 19, 2011

(43-327) Happy Father's Day!

If you've read "The Bumpy Ride" before, then you probably know that I didn't / don't have a very high opinion of my father; which is why when I refer to him, I call him by his name (Richie Howell) instead of saying my dad.  Richie Howell was (as you may remember) a Private Investigator; and he worked  A LOT.  He travelled often for business, and I never got the feeling that being a father was high on his list of priorities.  In his defense, this could be because he himself didn't have a father for very long.  His parents divorced when he was only three, and his dad passed away at the age of 43, when RH was just 13.  The only thing that his father,Wolf Howell, (YES, you read that correctly - Wolf Howell), left him with was the belief that he too was going to pass away at the age of 43 - and he did.

I suppose that having a father like Richie Howell just makes me that much more appreciative of all the great dads that I'm privileged to know; starting with my husband, Luis.  So on this Father's day, I'm sending out a big (yes) HUGE thank you to all the dads who coach one of their kid's sports teams, change a baby's diaper, cook a meal, mow the lawn, go to the store, fix something that's broken, lend an ear, give someone a hug, tuck someone in, play at the playground, water park or pool.  All those dad's who do homework, go to concerts, banquets, sporting events, dance recitals, kid's movies, watch cartoons, play the Wii, or PlayStation, or Chess, or Monopoly.  All those dad's who take the time to teach their kid's how to fish, or bake, or clean or throw.  Thank you to all those dad's who let their kids have a dog even if they don't want one.  Those who cheer for their kids in hundred degree weather or freezing cold.  Those who love their kids enough to tell them no when need be and those that say yes when feasible.  Thank you to all those dad's who make a child feel loved and safe and confident and happy.
Happy father's day to ALL THOSE DADS; especially my husband, Luis!
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