Wednesday, June 1, 2011

(43-309) Just For Laughs...

I was perusing my DVR list of scheduled recordings, and was mildly surprised by how few shows are currently on my list, compared to to the regular TV season.  I'll be adding a few more shows to my repertoire as the summer progresses; but my mind got to thinking about my TV history.

Since I'm such a fan of the Gimme Five game from the Scrapbooking from the Inside Out website, I've decided to start my own little game, and will endeavor to share my five FAVORITE TV Comedies from each decade of my life .  Now some of these shows were so successful that they overlapped decades, so I'm just gonna tuck em in the decade that I remember enjoying them most.  And FYI, "I Love Lucy" aired in the 1950's so that's why it's not on my list, even though I'm a big (yes) HUGE fan!

1.  Petticoat Junction
2.  That Girl
3.  Bewitched
4.  I Dream of Jeannie
5.  The Beverly Hillbillies

1.  Soap
2.  One Day At A Time
3.  Laverne and Shirley
4.  The Carol Burnett Show
5.  Rhoda

1.  Bosom Buddies
2.  The Facts Of Life
3.  Three's Company
4.  Family Ties
5.  Taxi

1.  Married With Children
2.  Roseanne
3.  Seinfeld
4.  Friends
5.  Designing Women

1.  The King of Queens
2.  Will and Grace
3.  Entourage
4.  Curb Your Enthusiasm
5.  Boston Legal

1.  Mike and Molly
2.  The Big Bang Theory
3.  Hot In Cleveland
4.  GLEE
5.  The Real Housewives of New Jersey  (Even though it's not meant to be a comedy; how could you call this anything but?)

Now I'm sure that I've missed mentioning some shows that are near and dear to your hearts; since afer all, five shows per decade was barely the tip of the iceberg.  So PLEASE play along with me and share your five favorite TV shows per the decades of your life.  Feel free to play here or on Facebook, by commenting on my post.

Till next time...

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