Wednesday, June 22, 2011

(43-330) "the glee project"

Are you a GLEEk like me and my kids?  Have you somehow missed "GLEE", but enjoy music or musicals?  Do you enjoy a good  competition series?  If you've answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you should be watching "the glee project" Sunday's at 9/8c on Oxygen.

"the glee project" was developed by "GLEE'" creator, Ryan Murphy as a way to search for the next "GLEE" cast member, since most of the current cast should be graduating next year.  The winner of "the glee project" will appear in seven episodes next season; and the competition has been fierce.

Each week the contestants are given "homework"  - an assignment that focuses on a specific theme.  The first week they concentrated on individuality and this past week theatricality was the topic.  Along with the concept they're assigned a song to work on as a group.  Each participant is given a part and they have to demonstrate the theme in their segment of the performance; and all I can say is that both performances could have easily been shown on an episode of "GLEE."    Once the performance is over, one person emerges as the winner of the homework round and they are given a special feature in the video that the group will film that week, as well as a mentoring session with whoever the guest star of the episode is.  So far they've been visited by Darren Criss who plays Blaine on "GLEE", and Tony award winner, Idina Menzel ("RENT" and "Wicked") who played Rachel's birth mother, Shelby.

The second assignment of the week is a group video.  The cast work with a choreographer and music director to make a video for whatever song that the producer's assign.  My kids and I have found both videos to be very entertaining and GLEE-esque; so if you're missing your weekly dose of  "GLEE" no need to go through withdrawal any more; just tune in to "the glee project."

After the conclusion of the video viewing, the producers announce which contestants are called back.  The last three contestants must perform a song of the producer's choice and then one is eliminated.

This series has ABSOLUTELY everything that I love in a show.  Great musical performances, dancing, competition and reality.  The participants are all unique.  They could all be written into the cast of "GLEE" just playing themselves.  They're all different, and unique, and I'm sure that there isn't a person out there who couldn't relate to at least one of  them. 

So even if your busy on Sunday nights or your  DVR is fillin up; make some room for "the glee project".   I think you'll be really glad you did.
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