Monday, June 27, 2011

(43-335) 95!

95 !- I wish I could say that's the number of pounds that I've lost this year, or the amount of money that I won at a casino, or the number of new "Bumpy Ride" followers; but in reality, it's the temperature that my house was, when we vacated for the evening.

Yesterday, my kids and I spent the afternoon swimming at Michelle M's; so when we got home for the evening we were well cooked.  We turned down the air, to a lovely 79 and slept in delightful chilliness.  When I awoke this morning, I actually had to raise the temp because it was downright cold; and the house was very comfortable until around 1:30.

Out of the blue, the house felt particularly warm, so I asked Nicky to go upstairs and tell me what the temperature was.  I was alarmed when he told me that it was 88 because during the day in the summer, we usually keep it at 82.  I asked Nicky to lower the temp to 80, but within a half hour the house didn't seem any cooler, so I called Luis and asked him to call the  AC guy.  Luis left a message for him, and by the time he arrived home, the inside of our house was a toasty, 91 degrees.

Luis tried to figure out what was wrong, but it wasn't as easy a fix as our fridge had been.  He called one of the AC guys from his hotel, for some advice, and he spoke to our AC guy, but he said he couldn't make it to our house until some time on Tuesday; so we knew we needed to evacuate for the evening.

I contacted the Drury Inn and Suites, because Mari and Julie had just spent the weekend there, and when I stopped by to see them, I was impressed with their accommodations and the price.  The clerk couldn't have been nicer, and hooked me up with a travel agent rate for a suite; but as I was packing up, I realized that if my AC wasn't fixed before checkout, the kids, Hershey and I might have no place to go; AND I'd have to work.  With that in mind, Luis called his boss.  When Luis told him that our AC had gone out, he immediately told him that we should go to the hotel.  I was embarrassed to call the Drury back; so I asked Luis to cancel that reservation, and he gladly did so.

By 715 we arrived at the hotel and were finally able to relax and cool down.  We have no idea if the AC will be fixed tomorrow, or the next day; and we are very grateful that we have a beautiful place to stay in the meantime.  We're hopeful that the AC will be easily and inexpensively fixed, but as long as we're all together, we know that everything will be fine.
Till next time...

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