Wednesday, June 29, 2011

(43-337) Back To Normal

Hip Hip Hooray! My air has been repaired and life as we know it, is getting back to normal. What a big (yes) HUGE difference a day makes. With power cord in hand I was able to put in a full day of work; inclusive of an hour long conference call with the reunion group that I'd attempted to speak with on Tuesday night. The kids got to swim again, and although I wasn't able to join them, I could see them splashing around, from where I sat in the clubhouse; and that was lovely.

Around noon, Luis informed me that he had spoken with our AC guy and the fan and capacitor were both under warranty. Woohoo! Luis finished work, and went back to our house to meet the AC fairy, and by 5pm, he said that the kids and I could come home. We wasted no time packing up, and by 615 we were in our home HOT home but Luis assured us that it would cool down shortly; and it has.

When all was said and done; the AC repairs only cost us $160 so we are considering ourselves VERY fortunate. We were blessed during this inconvenience in SO many ways. From the graciousness and generosity of Luis' boss, to my cousin Becky's consideration and hospitality and certainly by our AC serviceman, who was honest, helpful and extremely affordable. We are all very happy to be home; at least until the 2nd - when we leave for California.
Till next time...

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