Tuesday, June 7, 2011

(43-315) In The Know

I've written many a time about my severe dental anxiety; and in case you happen to be a new rider, now you're in the know.  My fear of going to the Dentist is not limited to having a procedure done. I also manage to work myself up into quite the tizzy even when I'm going for a routine exam and cleaning.  But nonetheless I try to be very conscientious about going, so that I can avoid the necessity of additional visits.

A few months ago, the Dentist that I was seeing (and liked very much), went on hiatus.  Not wanting to see the Dentist that I wrote about in "A New Crown For The Queen," I postponed making an appointment until they hired a replacement.  The receptionist called in March and said that they had a new Dentist that she thought that I'd like very much.  I made an appointment for a cleaning, but wound up re-scheduling because I had a high fever, allergy and sinus problems.  I re-booked for a couple of weeks after that; but had to re-schedule again because I forgot to check my refrigerator calendar before choosing the date,  and once I did, I found that all three of my kids had a Dentist appointment for that same day.  I made the appointment for a couple of weeks after that, and when the receptionist called to confirm, I jokingly told her that I didn't want to go; but I ultimately agreed that I would. 

I reluctantly went to the appointment, and to add insult to injury I had pages and pages of paperwork to do and none of my information had changed.  After a half hour, the receptionist that I'm less fond of, called the other receptionist's attention to the fact that I'd been there a half hour and there were still two people having work done.  She apologized to me, explained that they were seeing an emergency patient and told me that it would still be a while.  I told them that I completely understood, and suggested that I could go home because I live so close, and they could call me when he was almost ready.  They agreed, but then I though to ask if there was someone who was supposed to have an appointment after mine, and they said yes.  I offered to just re-schedule AGAIN, and the receptionist (that I like) agreed and gave me a scratch off ticket and told me that maybe I'd have better luck with that. (just as an aside - I didn't.)

So last Friday, I got a text from my cousin Jackie.  She knew that I was supposed to go to the Dentist for my cleaning, and she had just gone for hers the day before.  I told her that I didn't want to go and she tried to give me images to visualize, to make the experience less uncomfortable.  Then she texted "pick a pretty toothbrush."  I asked what color she chose and she said that she didn't get a choice, they gave her blue.  She then texted "I think you'll get a red one."

I met my new dentist and he was a doll.  He was extremely gentle and very kind, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who suffers with Dental anxiety.  Once my cleaning was concluded, it was time for Luis to have his.  I chatted with the receptionist in the meantime, and when Luis' exam was finished, I noticed that he had gotten a toothbrush, but I had not.  I asked if I could have a toothbrush too.  (Really just because I wanted to see what color I'd get.) Te hygienist came out and handed me a bag, and when I caught a glimpse of the toothbrush out of the corner of my eye, I  asked the hygienist "Did you give me a red toothbrush?"  And she said "yes." 

I was highly amused that Jackie had predicted my toothbrush color, and I texted her to tell her that she had been right.  She responded "Now go get a pink scratch off ticket."  So the next day, when I stopped for gas, I bought a $2 pink, BINGO scratch ticket.  I didn't play it, because I wanted to wait until Luis and I could do it together; and tonight we finally found some time.  The ticket started off good, but slowed down towards the end; and as Luis scratched off the final number, I screamed when it revealed that we had won $50.  
I texted Jackie to tell her about our winnings and she told me to "keep $48 and buy a $2 green scratch ticket." I then spoke to her and before we hung up, she told me that if we couldn't find a green ticket, we could get a purple.  So when we cash in our ticket tomorrow, we'll purchase a green or purple $2 ticket, since it certainly seems that Jackie is in the know.
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