Wednesday, June 8, 2011

(43-316) Thank you B.O.A!

It's been quite a while since I've mentioned anything about going to the gym; and there's a really good reason for that.... I haven't been going.  But there's NOT a really good reason for that - just excuses.  With that being said, I had very mixed feelings when my good friend (and gym buddy) Lesa G called today to tell me that our gym had closed down.

Lesa said that our friend Stefania had gone to the gym and there was a pad lock on the door, and a notice on the window stating that they hadn't paid their rent.  She and Lesa both tried calling but the phone just rang and rang, went straight to voice mail and said that the mailbox was full.  Lesa also said that they couldn't locate any corporate phone number or contact information for Fitness 19.

I was disappointed to learn that my gym had closed. OK and inappropriately relieved as well.  But I was also concerned that they would continue to charge my monthly fee to my debit card.  And since Lesa said that she and Stefania had both called their bank and found them to be less cooperative than they'd expected, I called Bank of America immediately.   

I explained to the customer service associate (that I got on the phone in record time), that my gym had closed down and I wanted to block them from debiting my account, since they were no longer providing me a service.  The associate told me that he could place a recurring stop payment on my account; at no cost to me.  He said that if a charge was to go through, Bank of America would refund it to me, and that if at some point in time, I want to pay Fitness 19 again, I would have to call the bank to let them know.  Fair enough, I thought. 

I concluded my call feeling very relieved and extremely satisfied.  Bank of America gave me peace of mind; and I am optimistic that Fitness 19 will not be able to charge me for a gym that's closed.  Since I waste no time to tell you when I've received poor or inferior service, I want to accentuate the positive and say a big ole THANK YOU to Bank of America for a job well done.
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