Friday, June 10, 2011

(43-318) Three Times The Charm...

Today I posted my Facebook status as “All packed up, just waiting for the Messer's so we can go camping!!!!! YES, Camping!!!!!  ” And my friend Thom responded finds this cool, yet amusing at the same time!  To which I replied I can understand why you'd say that Thom. I feel the same way! LOL"

I know that it’s difficult for people who knew me back in the day, to picture me not only camping, but enjoying it; but ya know I do. Now just in case you’re new to “The Ride”, or by chance you’ve forgotten; camping for my family includes a tent that fits two Aerobeds comfortably, and my Aerobed is a high rise that I would gladly sleep on anytime, anywhere. I bring my pillows and plenty of blankets and pardon the pun - but I’m a happy camper.

In a number of previous posts, I told you that I wasn’t sure if camping was worth all of the work that goes into packing, and setting up for a trip; but then I always wind up saying that it is. So this time I was determined that things would be different. I didn’t want to pack everything up last minute and be exhausted before we even headed out, so a few days ago I told my kids what kind of clothes to gather up, so that we could start packing. Well best intentions be darned. The kids got their clothes together, but I didn’t, nor did Luis. And as far as the rest of our necessities, yup, those got packed up this morning. I tried to be proactive and I made a list of everything that we needed to bring, so that I could check them off as I packed them up. I thought about posting the list of everything from Cherries to a can opener, but you probably don’t really need to see it. Suffice it to say that after 4 straight hours of packing; we were ready to go.

We arrived at Houston-Mesa campground in Payson at about 430; and I couldn’t help but think, three times the charm. On two other occasions we had reservations at this location, and both times we had to cancel. Once we arrived, I was so glad that we had given this campground another try because it is beautiful. It’s a lot more woodsy than Pine Grove, and the campsites are lovely. The clearing for our tent is under a canopy of trees, the picnic table is in a shaded area, and our particular site has two large logs which just add to the ambiance.                                                                     

As soon as I was able to take in our surroundings, I was once again convinced that camping is worth all of the work that goes into it. I love being with my family and friends and enjoying nature. Yes, you read that correctly “old” friends, I said “enjoying nature.” No I’m not going hiking or anything radical like that, but I think that there’s something about camping that just makes everything BETTER. Luis makes really good burgers at home; but at camping – they’re GREAT! I’m at peace when I’m camping, and no one can be more surprised to hear me say that, than me.

It’s now time for Smores and the computer isn’t conducive to that activity, so I’m going to say good night.
Till next time...

Queen of EVERYTHING                                                             

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