Sunday, June 26, 2011

(43-334) Wanna Laugh?

How many times a day do you laugh?  I'm not even sure what my answer to that question is.   I just know that I like to do so as much and as often as possible; and I am very blessed to know some pretty funny people.  Heck, we all know that I even laugh at myself on a very regular basis.

A couple of days ago Nicky said something that I found very amusing, and there goes that memory again, because I can't even remember what is was; but nonetheless, I commented that he was my funny child and he was VERY happy to hear this.  (More so than I ever would have expected actually.)  As a matter of fact, he's brought it up to me a number of times since then.  He'd say "blah, blah, blah, because I'm your funny child, right Mama?"   And of course I'd agree.  Truth be told, all three of my kids are very funny in their own way.  Lyndzi is a riot; and she too gets great satisfaction out of the fact that I think she's funny.  And Kelsie, well she's just such an all around character, that she can't help but be funny.

So last night we went out to dinner, and Kelsie was reminding me of this charming thing that she'd said about Nicky a few days ago.  She had made the comment that "Nicky is a shy guy so he's like a butterfly in his cocoon and one day he's gonna come out and be a really beautiful butterfly."  And I have to say that when she first told me this she just reinforced my belief that she is utterly brilliant; and so amazing; but nonetheless, Luis hadn't been privy to her analogy so I asked her to share it with him; and when she did, she gave the performance of her life.  After listening to her I said "Kelsie you're such an actress."  To which she replied "Well, I have no interest in being on TV. I have no interest in being in movies. I have no interest in being in commercials. I have no interest in being in a commercial about a movie. The only thing that I'm interested in showing, is my ears."  And I laughed like I have not laughed in I don't know when.  I had no idea why she said that. So I asked and she said something about liking her ears because they're soft.  OK, they can't all be profound, she is only seven ya know.

Now you may recall that when I wrote "43" I said "I believe this needs to be a year of recollection, reflection, observation, appreciation, and change..." So, let me say how very much I appreciate and am thankful for LAUGHTER.  A good laugh can make anything better; and I am so grateful for all those who bring laughter into my life, and to all those who permit me to bring laughter into theirs.
Till next time...

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