Tuesday, June 28, 2011

(43-336) AC Update

Shortly after publishing my blog last night, the battery on my laptop was just about exhausted.  I asked Luis to grab my power cord out of my bag, only to realize that in my heat exhausted state, I hadn't packed it.  This changed the game big time.  Without the power cord, I wasn't going to be able to work and there was no way I was driving 45 minutes back to Peoria last night, so I had to take the day off today.

Now most would think that a day at a resort in Scottsdale would be a good thing.  And typically I'd agree, except for the fact that in addition to leaving my power cord at home; I also forgot my swim suit, so I wasn't able to join my kids in the pool.  I didn't want to run home for the power cord and swim suit in the morning, because the AC guy told Luis that he'd come over some time after 12, and I figured that depending on what time we had to meet him, I could get my things then.  My next order of business was to try and re-schedule Nicky's orthodontist appointment.  I called around 830, but was told that he was scheduled for a 40 minute appointment today, and there would be no way that they could fit him in for that when they see Lyndzi next week, so I agreed to keep my appointment for today at 4.

So here's what I knew about today: 1.  I couldn't work, write my blog, do the music play list for SFTIO, or most importantly, swim with my kids.  2.  I had to be in Peoria for a 4pm orthodontist appointment and 3. I had a reunion conference call that I had to make at 630pm.

With all of these things in mind, I had to figure out how to occupy myself while my kids were swimming.  I went to the gift shop to get a magazine, and much to my surprise, they had the worst selection EVER.  I mean there was not one article from "O" to "Cosmo" to "People" to "Good Housekeeping" that looked like it was worth reading.  So I borrowed a fashion magazine and headed back to the pool.  I watched my kids swim and flipped through the  magazine, which was a big (yes) HUGE waste of time.  When I returned it, Luis' friend Yolanda (that works in the gift shop) said "You don't like to just sit still, do you?"  And she meant it in a nice way, of course.  I explained that I felt like I was wasting time because there were so many things that I coulda and shoulda been doing - including swimming with my kids; so I was feeling frustrated.  And she got it.

By the time Luis got off work at 230, we still hadn't heard from the AC guy, and I needed to head back to Peoria for Nicky's appointment.  Luis took Hershey and I took the kids; and I made it to the orthodontist with five minutes to spare.  The visit took all of 15 minutes; so I wasn't thrilled; but what could I do.  I had told Luis to take Hershey to Petsmart because we needed to get her some food, and she was allowed in that store.  He hung out with her there, until I met up with him.

I headed back up to Scottsdale with my kids, Hershey and my power cord.  I didn't have time to grab my swim suit, so Luis said he'd bring it back to the hotel for me.  I contemplated stopping by the Cheesecake Factory to see my cousin Becky, and get carry out for dinner.  I thought that Hershey and I could stay in the car for my conference call and my kids might wait in the restaurant; but as I was passing the turn off, I realized that it would be 20 minutes until the conference call plus call time and I didn't want to put Becky out, so I took a chance that I'd make it back to the hotel in time; and I did.  Funny thing is, the reunion chairperson missed the call; and ultimately we're going to have to re-schedule.  BUT, that's just par for the course today.

After concluding my call, Luis called to say that the AC guy was doing a diagnostic on the unit - it was just after 7pm.  My kids and I went to see Becky for dinner; and we had a great time.  After sitting outside in 118 degree weather, I wanted to order something on the light side, and I opted for the Luau Salad.  The salad had a lot of different ingredients, like macadamia nuts, sesame seeds, red peppers, yellow peppers, green beans, chicken, cucumber and crispy wontons, in a vinaigrette.  I didn't tell you ALL of the ingredients, but I can tell you that it was the best salad EVER!  We got some cheesecake to go, and now here I sit. 

Luis reported that it seems like the fan went out on our AC unit and our serviceman will be checking tomorrow to see if it's still under warranty.  He told Luis to call him at noon; so I'm hoping that by tomorrow evening, we'll be back in our house.  Fingers crossed.

Even though I wasn't as productive as I could have been today; I am always thankful for uninterrupted time with my kids; and a chance to see my cousin.  The AC saga continues; but I'm optimistic that there will be a happy ending.
Till next time...

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