Thursday, June 9, 2011

(43-317) 50 Things To Do In New York

Just 50 more days till I'm in New York.  So, since you know from "100 MORE Random Things About Me", that I make lists; and I've demonstrated numerous times that I'm a big (yes) HUGE fan of continuity - I think it's appropriate that I do a 50 things that I want to do in New York list.  Interestingly enough, most of them involve friends and food, but that should come as no surprise.  So in no particular order...

1.   Go to the cemetary to visit the graves of my Mom, my maternal grandparents and my great aunt and uncle.
2.   Take Lyndzi and Jackie to "The Condos" so they can see where I grew up.
3.   While at "The Condos", visit my old neighbor Elayne.  (She knows we're coming)
4.   Show Lyndzi and Jackie where I went to elementary school.
5.   Take everyone on a tour of New City.  I think it will be really interesting to see what's changed.
6.   Go to a diner in Rockland County
7.   Spend the afternoon with Ruthie (AKA Big V) and her husband Joe and daughter, Olivia.
8. Go to The Rockland Bakery. I have memories of walking in and having the delicious smell of fresh baked bread hit me in the face; and catching HOT rolls as they came shooting out of the oven. Now that was heaven.
9.   Try to catch up with Stefanie S.
10. See my friend Patti from High School.
11. Visit with my old roommate, Tammy and her daughters Allie and Isabelle.  Although I've never met Tammy's girl's, I have a feeling that Lyndzi and Allie are gonna be the best of friends.
12.  See "Mamma Mia"
13.  Meet up with at least two of the girl's (now women) that I used to work with when I was a Social worker.
14.  Have lunch with my friend June.
15.  Although I haven't called her yet, I REALLY want to see my mom's best friend, Millie.  I'm not sure when or how I'll be able to do so; but no trip to NY would be complete without seeing her.
16.  Eat and buy New York Bagels.  It's the one thing that Luis has asked me to bring home.
17.  Spend as much time as possible with the magnificent, Rachel S.
18.  Never let Michele Q out of my sight. 
19.  Go to The Hamptons
20.  Show Lyndzi and Jackie where I went to college.
21.  I was going to say Eat Splat (Fresh clams, shrimp, steamers, mussels, and lobster) at the Lobster Inn in Southampton, but I've read mixed reviews. I'll have to check with Michele Q on this one and if in fact it's not as good as I remember; we may just have to make our own.
22. Go to Central Park.  I'm a native New Yorker, and in the 26 years that I lived in NY, I'd never been.
23. Go to the Statue of Liberty.  It's the one place that Lyndzi has asked to go, and additionally, another place that I've never been.
24.  Have a NY hot dog from a cart.
25.  Go to China town
26.  Go to Little Italy
27.  Hang out with my childhood friend, the SLENDIFEROUS, Judy.
28.  Enjoy the company of my dear friends Dawn and Michael.
29.  Visit with the magnificent, Rachel S' extraordinary mom, Penny.
30.  Meet my cousins.
31.  See my friend Jasmine
32.  See my friend Bobbi
33.  Spend time with my friend Stacy S.
34.  Catch up with my friend Stacy F.
35.  Meet the wife of my senior prom date, Berger.
36.  Enjoy as many meals as possible with as many friends as possible.
37.  Eat Challah french toast
38.  See my beautiful, friend Stephanie M while I'm in The Hamptons.
39.  Go to the beach
40.  Laugh
41.  Hug all of my friends - A LOT!
42.  Snuggle with Lyndzi
43.  Introduce all of my friends to my incredible daughter and my wonderful cousin.
44.  Go dancing in The Hamptons
45.  Take lots of pictures!
46.  See everyone and anyone who wants to see me; even people who haven't made plans with me yet - hint, hint!
47.  PLAY
48.  Eat Pizza
49.  Shop!
50.  Relax. - Really, I'm gonna try.

No matter how many of these things I actually do, I know it's going to be the best trip EVER!  Can't wait to tell you all about it.
Till next time...

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Tammy said...

I can not wait to see you!!! But.. whew.. you have me tired!!!! XOXOXOXO