Saturday, June 4, 2011

(43-312) Where The Ride Takes You...

Even though I am the Queen of INDECISION when it comes to trivial, insignificant things, (like what to have for dinner), when it comes to big life decisions, I can handle them without any hesitation whatsoever.  I'm pretty sure that I've acknowledged this a time or six before, but I just thought that I'd mention it again, in case you'd forgotten or by some chance were a new Rider. Anyway, I'm actually a little surprised at myself, because when it came to making the decision to blog every day plus one for a year, there were so many things that I didn't consider.  I apologize, because it's definitely likely that I've mentioned this before, but as I couldn't find evidence of where, in my archive; I'm just gonna forge ahead at the risk of being redundant.

I suppose that I can say that I thought that the end would justify the means and that no matter what I'd have to do to get the blog done every day, it would be worth it. And I can say that I do believe this is true; BUT, perhaps I should have considered the time commitment a little bit more before plunging right in. I might have thought of how I was going to have to fit writing "The Ride" into each and every day, regardless of if I had to be somewhere, was going to come home late, didn't feel well, didn't have anything important or interesting to share, etc. etc. etc. In the past 312 days, I've managed to write a blog while I was in Las Vegas, Laughlin, and California. I got up extra early, so I could write a post the day that I was going to Disneyland, I've written while at Michelle' M's for a couple of barbecues, from the lake, while at the drive-in, and even from my friend Mari's house during a scrapbooking crop. I've blogged while at the Dentist's office and the Orthodontist's and next weekend I'll have to find a way to blog and publish while I'm camping in Payson. Truly, these were obstacles that I hadn't considered; but I'm proud to say that  I've overcome.

I guess it's true, if something was easy, every one would do it. And at least I can say that I rose to the challenge. I honored my commitment and I am a better person (and hopefully, a better writer) because of it. I have learned a lot about myself, and about others. I've gained insight, perspective, and appreciation. I may never be a paid writer, but knowing that there are people who enjoy what I share, is payment enough.
As always, I thank you for the time that you take when joining me on "The Bumpy Ride." And I'm really looking forward to sharing my next 54 days with you.
Till next time...

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Bernice said...

I love reading your blog. I have it set up on Google Reader so that I don't miss it each day. Keep up the good work. You can have a day off to celebrate your 44th birthday then back to it!!!