Friday, November 5, 2010

(43-100) 100 MORE Random Things About Me

Today's post is my 237th and  #100 in my 43 series.  I can't believe that I've written for 100 consecutive days; or that I have 266 more to go; but just like I told you in "43," I'm going to celebrate all year long; and I can think of no better way, than to acknowledge each milestone.

Since this is post #100, I tried to think of a list that I could formulate.  I considered doing my top 100 songs, but thought better of it, because that would pretty much preclude me from ever writing a song blog again; and I like having that option.  Michelle M suggested that I do 100 of my favorite things; but since most of my favorite things are food, friends, and TV shows, I decided to hold off until I could give that topic a lot more thought.  Ultimately, I decided; if it ain't broke; don't fix it.  And so, since I did "100 Random Things About Me" for my original 100th post; I thought I'd provide you with a list of "100 MORE Random Things About Me:"  

1.     I've always wanted to go to Paris.
2.     I'm a Fanilow.
3.     I highly recommend "Mike And Molly," on CBS.
4.     Sci-fi is torturous to me.
5.     I am a big fan of Pesto.
6.     Though many find him annoying; I'm amused by Gilbert Gottfried. 
7.     I adore whipped cream.
8.     My favorite thing about Maks (from "DWTS") is his smile.  OK, and his HUGS!
9.     I love to buy new underwear.
10.    "The Queen of Babble" by Meg Cabot, is my current, favorite book.
11.   I get great joy out of using a coupon.
12.   I don't typically like re-fried beans.
13.   I get nervous to drive to places I've never been before.
14.   I get annoyed when people write "your" when they mean " you're."
15.   New pens are a simple pleasure.
16.   I look forward to my first cup of coffee of the day.
17.   I have no interest in eating Taffy.
18.   I always ask for a piece of lemon if I order diet cola.
19.   I hate to touch raw chicken.
20.   I don't ever need to hear "Boom Boom Pow" again.
21.   I don't use a lot of salt; but I love it on a brownie or in a chocolate chip cookie.
22.   I've never been an Oprah fan; but I've actually started recording her show.
23.   I would prefer that people chew with their mouths closed.
24.   John Travolta is my favorite actor.
25.   I don't like the color grey.
26.   I love the smell of Orange Blossoms.
26.   I'm dying to go to Hawaii.
27.   I'm too sensitive.
28.   I never iron.
29.   I'm not good at relaxing.
30.   I wish that I danced more - A LOT more.
31.   I make lists.
32.   I applied to the NYU school of Social Work; just to see if i could get in...I did.
33.   For one semester, I went to graduate school for teaching.
34.   I also went to graduate school for community and school psychology.
35.   I don't have a Master's degree.
36.   I would consider moving to just about anywhere.
37.   I thoroughly enjoy Bill Maher.
38.   I do what I say I'm going to do.
39.   I despise liars.
40.   I miss Broadway shows.
41.   I don't like cottage cheese.
42.   I don't think "American Idol" will be the same without Simon Cowell.
43.   I like Shredded Parmesan cheese but I won't eat the grated kind, (in a can.)
44.   I've never had a professional back massage before; and I'm OK with keeping it that   way.
45.   I dread driving the I-10 to L.A.
46.   I don't care for Matt Damon.
47.   I prefer Asti Spumante to Champagne.
48.   I'm tired of Rachael Ray.
49.   I eat up entertainment gossip.
50.   I believe that laughter IS the best medicine.
51.   The Situation amuses me.
52.   I know all of the words to Sugar Hill gang's "Rappers Delight."
53.   I can't pronounce Chili Relleno properly.
54.   I could listen to Kate Winslett read the phone book.
55.   I don't like to drive at night.
56.   Haggling makes me happy.
57.   I've been to a Neil Diamond concert and it was a blast.
58.   I don't think that you should do something to make someone else happy, if it won't make you happy.
59.   I've learned that you can never expect others to do what you would do; and be disappointed when they don't.
60.   I want to spend next summer in Puerto Vallarta with my kids.  (Luis too of course; but he'll only be able to come in to visit.)
61.   I may have a crush on Kevin james.
62.   I wouldn't want to go to the moon.
63.   I try to cook dinner at least 5 nights a week.
64.   I'm awful at Geography.
65.   I have very bad allergies and sinuses.
66.   I like making new friends.
67.   I care TOO much about what people think about me.
68.   I liked Rhoda better than Mary.
69.   In third grade we had to write a fan letter and I wrote mine to Anson Williams   (Potsie on "Happy days.") 
70.   During my sophmore year in high school, I was on an episode of "That's Incredible."
71.   I wish that I was as creative as my friend Mari.
72.   Lobster is my FAVORITE food.
73.   I don't like saying "Good-bye."
74.   I re-write lists if I don't think that they're neat enough.
75.   I love to snuggle.
76.   I can't drink Chamomille tea.  Well, technically I can; but I won't.
77.   I think that Wendy's breakfast biscuit is a treat.
78.   I want to become a better baker.
79.   I'm easily grossed out.
80.   Italian food makes my mouth water.
81.   I'd rather swim in a pool than the ocean.
82.   I usually fall asleep easily.
83.   I still like Jell-o shots.
84.   I always cry during "Forrest Gump."
85.   I was never into video games.
86.   I need to paint my house.  OK, Luis needs to paint my house.
87.   I appreciate consistency.
88.   I admire my friend Dawn's vocabulary.
89.   I need to dedicate more time to sending out writing samples.
90.   I would never go on Tower of Terror.
91.   I have VERY mixed feelings about Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream."
92.   I'm easily frustrated.
93.   When I was a Social Worker, I appeared before Judge Judy (before she was ever on   TV.)
94.   I don't like going to the zoo.
95.   Seth Rogan makes me laugh.
96.   Once again I need to lose 100lbs.
97.   It's been a long time since I've seen a really good movie.
98.   I think Kohl's rocks!!
99.   I don't think that the Duggar's should have any more children
100.  I am grateful beyond words to Rachel K, for teaching me how to post a link.

What more can I say?
Till next time...

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Joni Parker said...!! Ok..I read them ALL!! and I wrote down the ones I related too strongly or that we have in common. You can go back and see which ones they are!! 11, 13, 14, 27, 28, 29, 31, 35, 39, 42, 52 (I underlined that one?)..oh yea...Rappers Delight that's something weird to have in common, huh? -- 55, 58, 62, 71 (I've seen her stuff..I wish I was too!) -- 84, 86 (Luis can paint MY house too?), 90 & 92