Tuesday, November 2, 2010

(43-98) Election Day

I am so glad that today was election day; because maybe just maybe the candidates will take a short break from the mud slinging; and get back to the important business of trying to clean up our states and our country.  I'm so tired of all the finger pointing and the bad mouthing that both parties have been doing; and I would have loved to see a candidate who chose to run on their own merit rather than defame their opponent.

I didn't want to vote for the lesser of two evils; I wanted to vote for someone who shared my beliefs and stood for causes that were important to me.  I found it insulting when one candidate ran a commercial stating "Barack Obama is the worst President in history etc. etc."  This blog is not going to be a post in defense of President Obama; but, I do feel compelled to say, REALLY?  President Obama is the WORST President in U.S history?  What about the President that he's cleaning up after?  Obama didn't create the situation that the U.S is currently in; and whether you like the President or not; I don't think that you can blame him for where we're at right now; but I digress.  My point was meant to be, why run a campaign that is anti-Obama?  Why not tell your constituency what you plan to do if elected; or how you think that things should be different?   I honestly hadn't seen one Republican candidate who told us what they wanted to do OTHER than focus on impeaching President Obama.  Really?  That's why I should vote for you; so that you can spend your time and our money impeaching the President?   The time and money that it would cost to impeach the President is time and money that could be spent on trying to make improvements where you feel there are deficits.

I am very disappointed in how these campaigns were run.  Heck, even when Nicky ran for student council his speech included goals that he wanted to achieve and concerns that he wanted to address.  We are still teaching our children how to campaign at school and yet our politicians don't meet the same expectations.  People need to stand up and let the politicians know that we don't accept platforms of he did this and she did that; so vote for me.  I don't want to know what newspaper or candidate in your party endorses you; I have a brain and I can decide for myself  IF you present me with your goals and concerns.

Honestly, It doesn't matter what party you belong to; because they are all guilty of doing this in one way or another; but I think they need to STOP!   Present your facts about you and only you.  I want to cast my vote for someone that I think will effect the kind of changes that I want to see and not for the person who made me doubt their opponent more.
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Joni Parker said...

I agree with you...unfortunately, I don't have much hope it will change. I think it will continue to get worse and worse....