Tuesday, November 16, 2010

(43-112) The Glass Is Half Full

When I wrote "BOOBS," on October 27; I told you that I had gotten my annual mammogram done.  The radiology center that I go to always has us complete a self-addressed postcard so that they can send us a quick note to give us peace of mind that all is well.  Or at least those are always the kind of postcards that I'd received from them in the past.

I've been watching my mail, but to date I haven't received a card, so I was starting to get a little worried.  Now my mail carrier is not the best by a long shot and several times I've gotten someone else's mail, so I thought it could be very possible that someone else had gotten my card.  Just to be on the safe side, I called the radiology center and had a rather frustrating experience.

When I first called I got a man on the line.  I said "Hello" and started to say "I was there on October 27 for my annual mammogram," to which he mechanically said "what do you need ma'am?"  And I replied "Well, I was trying to tell you before you interrupted me."  I then went on to explain that I hadn't received a postcard from them, so I was just calling to follow up and he blandly said "hold on," and transferred my call.

A woman picked up the line, and again I stated my purpose for calling, but before I could finish, the woman interjected "So you need to re-schedule your appointment?"  I said "No."  And then asked what was wrong with the listening skills of their personnel.  I re-stated my reason for calling, and the woman was extremely apologetic.  The woman said that she would look into the matter and someone would call me back.

Within about fifteen minutes I got a call back and the woman advised that they'd found my test results, but she couldn't tell me what they were; however, she suggested that I call my doctor.  She also said that the cards were being sent out and she apologized for the delay, and the earlier misunderstanding.

To say that I was nervous, would be an understatement.  I wasted no time and promptly called my doctor's office.  I had to leave a message and the receptionist said that the doctor or her assistant would call me back.  I asked if it would be today, but was told that it might not be until tomorrow.  I tired to remain calm, and didn't want to think the worst.  I ran over all of the possible scenarios in my head.  Maybe she told me to call my doctor because it was bad news.  Perhaps she was trying to be nice and thought the doctor could tell me that everything was OK, quicker than I'd get the card in the mail; or maybe she was trying to worry me unnecessarily for pointing out how rude she and her co-worker had been.  At this point I can't say which reason it was, because sadly I have yet to hear from the doctor or her assistant.

For the most part, I find imagination to be a wonderful thing and I use mine quite regularly; BUT imagination can also be a breeding ground for fear.  If we allow our negative imagination to get the better of us; we can drive ourselves crazy, and that's certainly not what I want; so I've made the conscious decision to believe the glass is half full.  I don't want to dwell on the possibility of a problem; when there might not be one at all. Now taking this stance doesn't come naturally to me, because I'm prone to worrying; but I don't want to waste my energy on that.  Although it would be simple for me to fear the worst; there's also a chance that all is well; and that the woman that I spoke with was trying to help me get the fastest results possible.  Worrying needlessly is a waste of time and energy and since I have neither to spare, I'm going to focus on the fact that  I am surrounded by love and positivity and  I'm going to savor every minute of it.  Please send your love, good thoughts and positive energy my way.
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Hi Paige,
According to the Holy Bible,to worry is a sin.
If you want to worry LESS,then
Read Philippians4:verses 4-19

Joni Parker said...

I think the "non medical" (ie..not DR or Nurse) isn't allowed to give you the info over the phone? I'm not sure I"m right....but something to do with "if they tell you wrong" or they don't know the "official" medical lingo in case you have a question... I may be wrong though. But don't worry..!!! (although I understand since I'm the same way!!)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Hope everythings ok :):):):):):)