Saturday, November 6, 2010

(43-102) Saturday Night At The Drive-In

I can recall two times that I'd gone to a drive-in movie theater; and if memory serves; I thought that two times was enough.  I remember that I'd wanted to go; especially after seeing "Grease" a bazillion times. I think that my first experience was OK; but on the second trip I realized that I didn't like hearing the sound in the car and watching the actors lips moving on the screen; so I never went back...Until tonight.

We had another LONG day at soccer again, and during our second game of the day, I received a text from Mari; inviting my family to join hers tonight at the drive-in, to see "Mega Mind."  I checked with my kids; and although they previously had no interest in seeing this flick, they all jumped at the opportunity to go to their first drive-in movie; so I happily accepted Mari's invitation.

We caravaned up to Scottsdale's, West Wind drive-in, and set up camp.  In fact that's exactly what it remind me of; CAMPING -  but with a movie; and I must say, I LOVED it!!   We covered the roof of our minivan with a sheet and some blankets, and Kelsie and Nicky made themselves comfortable up there.  Lyndzi chose to watch from the back of Mari's Suburban, so that she could sit with Mari's sons; and Luis and I sat comfortably, in our folding chairs, using our cooler as an ottoman; with Mari, Mike and their daughters by our side.  The technology HAS improved immensely (surprise, surprise;) and the sound matched the mouths just as it does in the regular theater.  The weather was perfect; and the price was right!  Before meeting Mike and Mari, I went to Wal-mart and bought a big bag of popcorn at McDonald's for $1.75, my kids each brought a couple of pieces of their Halloween candy, and we packed our cooler / ottoman with water, grapes and apples.  Admission was a mere $16.50 for our family of 5 and that did include 2 movies; although we only stayed for one.

Now since I've been writing my daily blog; I've had to take time out from a variety of events in order to get 'er done. I've written in my hotel room in Vegas; and at Mari's last crop; and tonight, at the drive-in.  Yes , there I was, in the pitch dark, with pen in hand, scrawling in my notebook; hoping that I'd be able to read what I'd written when I got home.  And I have to give myself a hand, because as I'm transcribing my notes; they don't look any worse the wear for where they'd been written.

I really liked the West Wind drive-in, and I thought that it was worth the 45 minute drive.  Now this is going to sound like an odd statement, but take it from where it comes.  I went to the restroom with Mari's daughters, and as we walked out I commented that I had found the toilet paper to have been remarkably soft, for a public place.  Taylor seemed very amused by this observation; but shortly thereafter, we came to find out why they can afford to provide such high quality toilet paper.  Mari had brought some cans of soda; but she was in need of a cup of ice.  Mari gave Taylor some money and asked her to buy her a cup of ice; and although Taylor returned with it; she wasn't happy to report that the small cup of ice cost her $2.75.  We all laughed as Taylor explained that they charged this amount for the cup.  So Mari asked Mike to go back and at least put some soda in it; since she had paid dearly for the cup.  So now you see where I'm going with this right?  Of course, the exorbitant price of the cup of ice / small soda was enough to keep the drive in fully stocked in plush toilet paper.  But then again; movie theater drinks and popcorn are always expensive; so I say kudos to West Wind for putting the money back into their establishment.

I really can't say enough about this enjoyable experience.  It was relaxing (for as much as I relax; see # 29 of "100 MORE Random Things About Me."  It was cost effective; we saw a cute movie and we spent time with fantastic friends.  Drive -in movie; I say two thumbs up; and we'll definitely drive-in again.
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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What a FUN night! I loveeeeeeeeee that place! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Joni Parker said...

We used to do drive-ins as a kid... fun times. Guess it'd be good to take my son to one!! Thanks for the inspiriation...