Wednesday, November 17, 2010

(43-113) The Results Are In...

I think I did a very good job of remaining calm, despite the potentially bad news that I was awaiting.  I refused to let negative thoughts consume me; and I chose to take my friend Jimmy's advice instead, and pray.

My cousin, Jackie called to check on me after reading "The Glass Is Half Full," and I was moved to tears over her concern for me.  I told her that I thought that my doctor's office would have contacted me weeks ago if something was wrong; and that this was probably just a mishap. 

Around 1130, I still hadn't heard from my doctor's office, so I gave them a call.  The receptionist checked my records and told me that my last mammogram results were from October 2009 and that they hadn't received anything from the radiologist recently.  She told me to call the radiologist and have them fax the results over.  I called the radiology office and asked for the office manager, but this person was not going to be until 5pm.  I explained EVERYTHING to Brenda, the lovely woman that had taken my call; and she assured me that she would fax my results to my doctor and call me back once the fax went through.

It was an hour later when Brenda called.  Brenda explained that her contract with my doctor's office required test results to be hand delivered to them and according to their records, my results were deliveres on November fifth.  Brenda told me the name of the person who had signed for the results and went on to say that my doctor's office had no idea what had happened to that delivery.  My doctor's office agreed that Brenda could fax my results over, and Brenda told me to follow up with them in a half hour.

This was becoming a comedy of errors; unfortunately there was nothing funny about it.  I waited a little more than a half hour and called my doctor's office.  I asked to speak to the office manager, but she was on her way to a short meeting, and the receptionist advised me that she'd call me back when she returned.  I told the receptionist that I also needed a nurse to call me back with my test results, and she said that if I'd hold on, she would get a nurse on the phone with me now.  I was on hold for over five minutes when the receptionist came back and said that she couldn't find a nurse.  The receptionist asked me to leave a message on the office managers voice mail, and said that she could have a nurse call me as well.

Within 15 minutes, Diane the office manager called me back.  I explained what had happened, and how someone had signed for my test results, but they were no where to be found.  Diane was very compassionate and aptly apologetic.  She was also quite disturbed because there must have been other people whose test results were misplaced as well.  I asked Diane if she could have a nurse call me with my test results, but she told me that she had them and that everything was negative and I was absolutely fine.  Hallelujah!! 

I knew in my heart that there was nothing wrong; and maybe that's why I  was able to remain positive.  As soon as I hung up with Diane, I called Luis to let him know that I was OK; and I texted Jackie. 

It is my 113th day of being 43 and I am delighted to say that  I have a clean bill of health.  What a fantastic way to celebrate my 250th post of "The Bumpy Ride."
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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)



Bernice said...

Fantastic news

Joni Parker said...

So it's a good thing the Bumpy Ride didn't have any Bumps!!! Good news !!