Sunday, November 21, 2010

(43-117) A Helping Hand

I finally went back to the gym today.  No need to read that line again; I'll repeat, I FINALLY WENT BACK TO THE GYM TODAY; hallelujah!!  It was a long time coming; but I did it; AND, I'm going back tomorrow.
After the gym, my dear friend, Lesa G and I had coffee at Starbucks, and caught up.  Following Starbucks, I went to Sam's Club, and when I tried to start my minivan; it was dead.

I called Luis to ask if we had jumper cables in the minivan, and he told me where to find them.  Then just as I was removing them from their location, it started to rain.  I had to laugh; I mean for the amount of times we actually get rain in Peoria, Arizona; for it to rain right then and there, I found ironic.

I do have AAA but I know that it usually takes a while for them to get to you. I had just purchased milk and chicken; which I didn't want to go bad and thankfully, I had parked close to the tire center entrance; so I walked over to see if someone there might be able to help me. I explained that my car wouldn't start and that I had jumper cables, and I asked if someone could help me out.  The gentleman couldn't have been nicer; and he immediately came out to help me.  I popped the hood so he could see where my battery was located; and then he pulled his car over.  There was a car parked on either side of me, as well as in front of me; but fortunately the cables were long enough to reach from my car to his.   As soon as he started to hook up the cables, the rain started coming down a lot stronger; and again I had to laugh because behind my car and to the side of my car, there were beautiful blue skies; yet right over my car; POURING RAIN.

In no time at all, my car was up and running.  I offered the man a tip of the couple of dollars that I had in my purse; but he told me that they were supposed to do anything that they can to help; and they weren't permitted to accept tips.  I thanked him profusely, wished him a Happy Thanksgiving, and got on my way.

I am so pleased that I have a tale of kindness and cooperation to report, since all too often I am telling you about situations that have gone wrong or customer service agents who weren't up to par.  How refreshing to be able to say that there was a well trained, gracious man, working in the Sam's tire center today and he didn't think twice about lending me a helping hand.  
Till next time...
Queen of EVERYTHING   

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Joni Parker said...

Yea for him!! and you for keeping a positive attitude....really, how much worse it could have been if your attitude wasn't so "sunny"!!!