Friday, November 26, 2010

(43-122) You Know It's Love When...

When I wrote "Eternally Grateful," there was an amusing anecdote about our Thanksgiving dinner that I wanted to include in the story; however, I liked the post just as I had written it; and didn't even endeaveor to work it in.  Nonetheless; as I seem to waste no opportunity to embarrass myself; I've decided to tell you about the incident now.

My husband, Luis is the front office manager at a resort in Scottsdale; and in the hospitality industry, you don't always get every holiday off.  Luis typically works on Thanksgiving, which has never been a problem for us; because when I do cook a holiday meal, we always eat around dinner time, rather than lunch time, like many families do.  Anyway, I decided not to cook this year, because in Thanksgiving's past, I was the only one in our family who had any interest in the traditional fare.  Instead we planned to go to dinner at The Talking Stick Casino buffet.  The room is beautiful, and the food is very good; so we reasoned that I could have turkey and it's accompaniments and everyone else could have whatever they liked.  We had invited (SMF) Mike K to join  us, along with his son Max; however, Luis called me around 10am to let me know that he called the casino to check the price, and they were charging $37 per adult and $17.95 for kids under 12.  Luis and I agreed that the prices were exorbitant; so I asked him to call Casino Arizona and see how much their buffet was.  Casino Arizona was priced a bit more reasonably; at $22.95 per adult and $12.95 per child; so we decided to go there instead.

God bless Luis, the patient man that he is; because as soon as he finished work, he headed over to the casino to see how long the wait would be.  He was told that it would be an hour to an hour and a half, so he agreed to wait on line, while we drove up to meet him.  By the time we arrived at the casino, Luis was at the front of the line, and he had even let a couple of people go ahead of him.

We were promptly shown to our table; and then perused the buffet.  Everything looked delicious and the kids were very excited to see the  chocolate fountain that awaited them for dessert.  The food was as good as we'd expected; especially my FAVORITE item of the night; a pumpkin and crab filled ravioli with a garlic, cream sauce.  Oh my God, it was to die for, and worth every extra minute that I will have to spend on the treadmill.  As everyone ate EXACTLY what they desired; I knew that we had made the right choice by coming to the casino. 

We were sitting at the table, taking some time before we had dessert, and Mike told me to smile.  I could tell by the way that he said it, that he was up to something, so  I was hesitant to show my pearly whites.  He repeated the instruction a number of times; and from behind my napkin, I just kept saying "no."  Finally he said "smile;" and I asked "Why," and he advised me that I had something black in my tooth.  I was mildly embarrassed, but when Luis told me to smile so he could see it; I did so; and then he and Mike burst out laughing like it was the funniest thing that they'd ever seen.  I didn't have a mirror with me and the bathroom wasn't conveniently located; so I did my best to blindly dislodge whatever it was that they'd seen.  Finally, Luis (being the compassionate man that he is;) grabbed his coffee stirrer and tried to remove whatever was near my tooth.  He loosened it a bit; but it was still visible.  And then Kelsie, in her infinite wisdom gave Luis a mini skewer from the chocolate fountain; and he used it to to dislodge what was actually just a bit of seasoning from the smoked salmon.

We all laughed; as I said "this is DEFINITELY going into tonight's blog. Who would have thought seventeen years ago, that we'd be sitting here tonight and you'd be removing something from my teeth with a skewer.  What a far cry from when we met."  What can I tell you my friends; YOU Know It's Love When, your spouse will pick at your teeth while you're in a public place.  Granted, all of this occurred as discreetly as possible behind my napkin; BUT nonetheless; ONLY someone who truly loved you, would assist with such an task.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again; "I am a VERY lucky woman!!"
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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Tooooooooooooo funny! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Joni Parker said...

Funny...It's true frienship and love to NOT let a friend go out in public with something in their teeth or TP on their shoe...etc!!