Sunday, November 28, 2010

(43-124) Yes Wii Can!

In "Happy Birthday Luis!!!" I mentioned that one of the reasons that I LOVE, ADORE and CHERISH Luis is because "He loves to stay up all night and shop on Black Friday."  I think it was about four years ago, when Luis first started spending Thanksgiving night in Wal-Mart.  Although he can't explain it; there is something about Black Friday that Luis loves.  Even though we weren't shopping for much this year; Luis still wanted to spend the night at Wal-mart so that he could buy a wireless printer that was on sale for $44; and, he always likes to get the Norton antivirus; which this year he bought for just $9.99.  I asked Luis to look into buying Wii Fit Plus.  I told him that it's typically $99 (which I would have paid anyway;) but he was able to purchase it for just $67.

Our weekend didn't go as planned; but I think that it all worked out for the best in the long run.  On Friday we were supposed to go to the lake; and for a multitude of reasons, we decided not to go.  Instead, I ran a couple of errands and asked Nicky if while I was gone he could figure out how to work the Wii Fit Plus; because falling under the heading of I'm NOT the Queen of TECHNOLOGY; I would have had no idea how to set it up myself. While I was out and about, Nicky called to inform me that he'd set the Wii up and that he'd already burned 53 calories.
Nicky and the girls, immediately started using the Wii Fit Plus and they were really enjoying it.  Kelsie was anxious to teach me how to use it; but I had other things to take care of and had to postpone my tutorial.

On Saturday, as you know; we were supposed to go up to Sedona for the Red Rock Light Fantasy; but sadly, my friend Jen got a migraine; so we decided to re-schedule.  Now you know me; I'm A make lemons into lemonade kinda gal; and when things don't go as planned, I just punt; so I had no problem re-arranging our day.  FIRST, I told the kids that I now had time to do the Wii Fit Plus with them and they were happy to help me get started.  The kids had already made a Mii for me.  They even gave me glasses and a purple shirt.  The Wii asked for some personal information; but not my weight and it then informed me that my Wii age was 65 and I was obese.  OK, well, the facts are the facts; given my present weight and physical condition, I don't blame the Wii for thinking that I'm 65 but I'm definitely going to do something to change it.
The kids showed me my various exercise options, and the first thing that I wanted to do was box, which I found very gratifying.  Next I did some hula hooping, followed by step aerobics, some marching exercise, and a game that involved math and mushrooms.  I repeated the hula hoop and step aerobics routines at least three times each; and I boxed countless times.  Within an hour I had burned 446 calories, I felt terrific, and I'd had a lot of FUN!  The kids did the hula hoop and step aerobics right along with me and they encouraged me EVERY step of the way.
Today I went back to the gym, AND I worked out a little with the Wii as well; so all in all, that's day 5 of exercising in a week.  I can honestly say that I feel great and I'm extremely optimistic.  I'm going to continue going to the gym, but it's comforting to know that if for some reason I can't make it to there; I can exercise at home, and we can all benifit from the Wii.  Yes Wii Can!!

In the interest of (say it with me;) "The greater good;" I have to highly recommend that you purchase Wii Fit Plus, if you have a Wii.  Trust me, exercising has never been so much fun, AND it's something that you and your family can do together.  Even if you have to pay regular price for it; I assure you that it's well worth every penny.
Till next time...

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Joni Parker said...

We got the Wii last xmas and the Wii fit with it.... We, like it!! And I know the math/mushroom game...!! I'm partial to the snowball fighting game!!