Friday, November 19, 2010

(43-115) HAPPY Together

It's amazing how the most mundane tasks can actually be delightful when you do them with someone that you adore. 

It's Friday, so it's date day; but today we just ran some routine errands.  Luis and I went to his 11:15 doctor's appointment and then we had lunch at Del Taco.  Now, that might not sound appealing to some of you; but I can tell you that it was a GORGEOUS day in Arizona today and we dined outside, amidst a stunning mountain view; and it turned our simple meal into a real treat. 

I don't put Del Taco in the same category as the "Ass Burrito" places; I just think of it as fast food and when Luis and the kids want to have Del taco, I usually get Subway instead.  Well, the other night after soccer. Jenny and I went to grab something quick to eat with the kids and Subway was closed for renovations; so I ate at Del Taco, and I have to say, it was actually good - and by good I mean tasty, not greasy; AND something I was willing to eat again.  Now even thought I told you in "100 MORE Random Things About Me," that I don't typically like refried beans; for some reason; I am keen on the bean and cheese burrito with green sauce, at Del Taco.  They also have a new Carne Asada taco for $1.79 and it must say that it's quite yummy.

We left Del Taco and drove to my office because when I was there yesterday, I accidentally left my bag of paperwork behind.  In order to get to my office we drove up a mountain and Luis commented that he used to drive fast on this mountain to make the kids laugh, which gave me the biggest laugh ever; because Luis never drives fast ANYWHERE.  We don't call him the snail for nothing.

I picked up my paperwork, and we headed to Wal-Mart for water, mushrooms, Swedish Fish for Michelle M (because we were supposed to be watching "Grown Ups" together tonight;) and a gift card for Michelle's son Max; who turned nine on Sunday.  While we were at Wal-mart, Luis suggested that we check the Redbox to see if "Grown Ups" was in; but it wasn't; and neither were Michelle's Swedish fish.

We decided to go to the Ninety Nine cent store, to see if they had a box of Swedish fish; but their cupboard was bare as well; and the Blockbuster box showed that "Grown Ups" was checked out.  We tried another Redbox down the street from our house; and after trying alternative ways to look up the title of our movie; we were victorious.  We spent all of $1.09 to rent "Grown Ups;" which would have cost us $4.99 plus tax had we used ON DEMAND. Luis was giddy because he had never personally used the Red box before; and he found it to be FABULOUS.
We got home in time to start picking up our house.  We cooked dinner together; and Luis totally cleaned our dishwasher out, because it was too gross for words.

Sadly Michelle had to cancel on our movie night, because she got food poisoning.  Although she'll be missed; we're going to settle in and watch our dvd; because this is one of those rare occasions where Luis and I actually want to see the same movie.
You know it really is true; with a Best friend, ANYTHING can be fun; and I feel so very blessed that we're still so HAPPY Together.  
Till next time...

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Joni Parker said...

Love the tale!! BTW...I bought some GC's on sale... $2 for a $25 GC... used one on Saturday to take the g-parents out for a nice dinner!!! Thanks!!