Saturday, November 20, 2010

(43-116) My Girl's Got COURAGE

We've been having a sensational soccer season.  At the risk of jinxing us; I'll tell you that all three of my kid's teams are undefeated thus far.  Lyndzi and Kelsie have each had one tie in addition to their victories; and Nicky's team has won every game.  Although all three kids have very different skill levels, each of the games have been nothing short of fantastic.

Today Lyndzi's coach wasn't at the game, because he went backpacking; so a couple of Dad's filled in coaching The T-N-T for him.  The coach had provided the Dad's with a lineup; that included Lyndzi playing forward or defender in the first half; and goalie (her preferred position,) in the second half.  We were playing a team that we've beaten before; but two seasons ago, this team was the team to beat; and our kids remember that.

The first half was a little tougher for us than usual, and by the time half time arrived we were losing one to two.  Lyndzi told me that she was a little nervous to play goalie, since the other team was playing so hard; and they were losing for the first time this season.   Lyndzi felt that if they lost, it would be her fault; so she wasn't sure that she wanted to take that chance.  The Dad's called the team together for a pep talk.  They asked Lyndzi if she was ready to be goalie; and I heard her tell them that she was a little nervous.  I "thought" that they were looking for a replacement; but the next thing I knew, my girl was putting her goalie jersey on.  I went over to the meeting and gave Lyndzi a BIG hug, and told her how very proud of her I was, for being afraid and trying anyway. 

As she took to the field, the Dad's were talking her up, telling her what a great goalie she was; and that she had nothing to fear.  They said that as long as she had a good time playing, everything would be OK.

T-N-T was back in true form by the second half and they scored early, scored again, and again and again.  The opposing team scored one goal on Lyndzi and one goal only; although they attempted four.  The game ended with T-N-T winning five to three.

EVERYONE was so proud of Lyndzi and told her what a terrific job she did; and just as we were about to walk away, one of the Dad's said "Lyndzi, how many goals did they score on you?"  And Lyndzi quietly said "one."  He then repeated his question, and with a bit more confidence and a big smile; Lyndzi answered "ONE."  He then went on to tell Lyndzi; "They scored one; and you were right where you were supposed to be.  You went for it, and it slipped; but it was a lucky goal; not one that had anything to do with your error."  He then said, "Lyndzi, win or lose; as long as you give it your all and have fun, that's all that any of us care about."  He told her that she did a great job; and I thanked him very much for talking to her.

John Wayne said " Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway;" and today Lyndzi did just that.  I think that she was very brave to face her fear; and I'm so glad that she was successful despite it.

You all know that my kids make me proud on a daily basis; but today is different.  Today I am proud FOR Lyndzi because she made her own difficult decision and showed everyone her strength of character and ability. ANYONE can agree to play goalie when they have a big lead or are playing a weaker team; but to know that you might lose and give it your all anyway; now THAT is courageous.
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Joni Parker said...

I agree...typing through my teary eyes!! I'm proud of her too!!