Sunday, November 7, 2010

(43-103) Nothing Much

Just a typical Sunday here at the Ramos household.  I slept in till 8, (well, that's sleeping in for me, since I'm up for work at 445.)  I had coffee, looked through the supermarket flyers, made a grocery list (which of course I left home when I went to the store.)  I did three loads of laundry and loaded the dishwasher; and in the process I got a terrible spasm in my back.  What the heck?  Thankfully I've never had back problems; but this spasm was a doozie!!  I get spasms in my calves from time to time, but usually when I'm sleeping; but to get this out of the blue back spasm; now THAT was unexpected.

Because I'm a trooper, with a high tolerance for pain; I toughed it out and took the girls to Kohl's.  We got a couple of great deals for them; went home for lunch, and then Lyndzi and I headed to our second Kohl's of the day, because there was a shirt that she was after but they didn't have her size at our first store; AND I needed to get a pair of pants for Kels and they were out of her size at the first store too.

I came home, folded some laundry; and then Luis and I went to Fry's.  I got some more great deals, used the Albertson's $10 off a $100 purchase coupon, and then they had a $10 coupon of their own that I didn't know about, but my checker applied.  I stocked up on toothpaste, butter and water; which brought me an additional savings.  And for anyone who's interested; they do have Capri Sun on sale again for $1.49   When all was said and done, I had saved about $76 dollars; Luis was quite impressed, and so I was doubly happy.

Yup, just pretty run of the mill here for me; but sometimes run of the mill is OK.  I'd take run of the mill over drama ANY DAY.  To me, if you have a day when nothing goes wrong; then it's a good day.  I remember a couple of months after I'd gotten married and we were living in Orlando; I was talking to a friend who was  single and living in New York.  My friend asked what was new; I said "nothing much," and she seemed very disappointed.  I explained that nothing being new was definitely better than something being wrong.  We spoke a lot less frequently after this and our conversations were very different because I didn't have stories of going out and meeting people like she did; but I had happiness and contentment, which was all I ever wanted. 

I have to laugh at the "kids" that I see who are in such a rush to grow up.  They want to accelerate everything in their life; and I want to say "would you like to pay my credit card bill, because here's where growing up gets ya."  And of course I remember how it was as a kid and you fantasized about having a boyfriend, or a husband and a house of your own; and now I'm here; and really it is great; but so were the other parts of my life too.  I loved high school, had a great time in college and my early twenties were a blast; but I think that it's all of these experiences accumulated together that allow me to enjoy and treasure exactly where I am now; having a run of the mill, nothing exciting to report Sunday.  If you rush through all of your experiences, then you'll never be able to appreciate your life..  So my advice to everyone who's in a rush is; stop and smell the roses.  Take the good with the bad, and know that in the long run, each experience is going to make you who you are.  If I'd never had a bad relationship with a boyfriend or a friend; then I wouldn't be able to appreciate how blessed I am to have the husband that I do; or the friends that I cherish.  Here's another big lesson; NOT everyone is for EVERYONE.  Find friends who are like you and remember that quality is a lot more important than quantity; in every aspect of your life.  OK, not quite sure how I got on this soapbox, and I think that it's time for me to get down.  I wish you a peaceful week, with nothing much going on.                                                   
Till next time...
Queen of EVERYTHING                    

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Joni Parker said...

Good soapbox! Saturday for us was busy, but Sunday was relax day..(perfect). My Fry's experience on Sunday.. $149 to start, $47 after coupons! I'm a coupon queen and I'm proud of it!!