Wednesday, October 6, 2010

(43-71) Santa And The Fairies

I don't post a status on Facebook every day; but this morning I couldn't resist and I shared: This morning Kelsie asked if the actors who play Kurt and Sue on "Glee" believe in God, even though Kurt and Sue don't. We discussed the fact that different people have different beliefs and different religions and Kelsie said; "I don't believe in Santa; but I still believe in fairies."

OK, so let's rewind a bit.  I was making the kid's lunches and out of the blue Kelsie asked her question about Kurt and Sue.  See, what did I tell you in "Quality time with Kelsie"... "A mind like a steel trap.
Anyway; just as I reported in my status; I pointed out that people can have varied beliefs and religions and I elucidated that even in our own home we have contrasting religions.  And that is when Kelsie, ever so matter of factly; shared that she doesn't BELIEVE in Santa; but she BELIEVES in Fairies.  Talk about being literal...

So, charmed as I was by her comment; I HAD to post it on Facebook; but I knew that this topic required more investigation; so after dinner I asked Kelsie if we could talk and she was clearly, relieved to find out that I wanted to discuss Santa and the fairies.  She said "THIS is what you wanted to talk about?  I thought that I was going to get in trouble for something."   Which certainly begs the question "what had she done?"  But heck, I had a blog to write, so I ignored the possibility of wrong doing and went on to ask Kelsie to tell me why she doesn't believe in Santa.  Kelsie said "I don't believe in Santa because when you get up, your parents are up and I just have the feeling that they just wake up early to do the stuff for their kids and shop."    She went on to say "Santa doesn't know how to make coffee because the parents know how and when I get up there's coffee and a bite in the cookie but I think either your mom or dad bites the cookie."  So her disbeliefs seemed to be based on the fact that when she gets up on Christmas, Luis and I are already up and everything is done AND there is coffee; and she didn't think that Santa would make the coffee or know where the cups were.  I clarified that I prepare coffee every night for the next morning; by putting it on a timer.  So I asked Kelsie, "If I make the coffee every night; what makes you think that I wouldn't make it on Christmas eve so that I could have it when I wake up on Christmas?"  Kelsie actually had a bewildered look on her face after I presented this information and I could see the wheels turning.  After giving it some consideration; Kelsie went on to say "How does Santa know where the wrapping paper is?"  She asked this, because s few months ago she found the wrapping paper that I had used for "Santa's gifts."  So just as I did at the time; I assured her that I leave the wrapping paper out for him.
Kelsie contemplated this claim and then said "Santa brings the present that the kids want and the gift wrap that he wants you to use and you wrap it up and put the bow on; because the reindeer might be tired; so he can't stay that long at each house.  I just have a feeling that the parents do everything for you. "  And she said it like that verbatim; without taking a breath.  It was immediately followed by "I know how Santa would fly from the North pole to America, but what if he can't make it everywhere on time; or what if his reindeer got sick, then there wouldn't even be a Christmas.  There would be no presents or gifts; just you and your family watching movies and eating food."  Whoosh!  OK, so I still wasn't convinced that she DIDN'T believe in Santa because her comments were contradicting; so I had to probe further and this is what she said, "I believe there's a guy who's dressed up like Santa but there's no flying reindeer.  The guy who drops off the presents is a guy who's dressed up in a Santa suit and he calls himself Santa Claus and he looks like Santa BUT there's no flying reindeer and he takes a plane and he carries a sack around."  Hmm, it seems to me that it's more so the reindeer that she's suspect of (and who shouldn't be?)  So I said "OK, so there's a guy who looks like Santa, but there is no Santa?" And Kelsie giggled and said, "He retired a long time ago."
I'm not sure that Kelsie really has a handle on this whole Santa thing.  It seems to that she believes in Santa to some extent; she's just questioning what exactly HE does.  I could tell that trying to explain her Santa theory was exhausting her; so we moved on to the topic of fairies. 
I asked Kelsie why she believes in fairies and she said "because if you say that you don't believe in fairies, then they will die.  I believe that if you think hard enough then you might just see the fairies and then you can say, I do believe in fairies.  And sometimes you just can't see them, but I think they are there."  She also tried to relate a story about seeing the Cheshire cat in a crescent moon as we drove to Mexico; and somehow she attributed this to fairies; although she couldn't explain it in a way that I could understand the connection between the two. 
Kelsie grew tired and appeared to be confusing even herself, so we concluded our interview for the evening; but something tells me that this is not the last that we'll hear about this subject. 
Truly it matters not to me, if Kelsie believes in Santa or fairies; but I do think that it's beneficial to keep a little wonder and magic in your life, for as long as you can.
Till next time...


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Awwwwwwwwww such a sweet story!! And I believe in Santa and fairies! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Joni Parker said...

How sweet! I dred the day Joseph no longer believes...I think it's coming soon! I hope to get past this Christmas, but I'm expecting similiar discussions with him as you've had with Kelsie.