Tuesday, May 31, 2011

(43-308) Yogurtology

I usually consider myself to be someone who's in the know,.  I'm attune to new trends and stores and all things pop culture-ish.  But I swear, I must have been under a rock for a hot minute, because it seems like I just blinked my eyes and all of a sudden there were frozen yogurt shops EVERYWHERE.  I liken it to the coffeehouse boom that Arizona enjoyed, prior to Starbucks arrival.  And I say this because even though people flocked to the independent, coffee houses, and everyone had their own personal favorite;  AND the private coffee houses products were typically better than Starbucks; they still managed to put em all outta b'ness.  But that's not really here or there.

Last Sunday I had taken my kids to a birthday party, and while I was there, my friend Lesa G told me about this new frozen yogurt store that she's in love with.  We were in the process of making plans to get together before she leaves for Michigan for the summer and she suggested that we go to Yogurtology.  I figured that if Lesa thought it was fabulous, I should try it out, and we scheduled a time to go.  THEN, on Friday night when I went to the movies, I noticed that Maggie Moos (which had been across the street from the theater,) had closed down, and in its place, there was now (YUP,) a frozen yogurt shop.  Additionally, Lisa B mentioned that a friend of hers was opening a frozen yogurt shop not far from her house.  On Saturday night when my friend Arlene came over, she too started talking about this new frozen yogurt place that she'd been going to; and I realized very quickly that although frozen yogurt is not a new thing; the self-serve frozen yogurt shop with a toppings bar,  IS the new craze.

Anxious to see what all the fuss was about, I met Lesa at Yogurtology yesterday, and after a couple of samples; I was a convert.  Now ya know I love my Culver's frozen custard (probably a lil too much,) but the frozen yogurt was a totally different story.  It was cold and refreshing and although they offered everything from cream puffs, to Baklava, to giant marshmallows and every kinda chocolate candy, and Ghiradelli sauces,  it was the fresh fruit that I was interested in, and I just can't say that at Culver's.

Yogurtology offers twelve flavors a day.  According to Lesa they have a few standard flavors and then they alternate the others.  They always give you one size cup, and you decide how much you want, and then pay by the ounce.  Per Lesa's recommendation I tasted the Berry Bliss (which is a blackberry berry for anyone who may have been concerned about my strawberry allergy.)  I also tried the Lemon (Meringue, I think it was) and the Golden cupcake batter.  I decided that the three tasted great together, so I added a lil bit of each to my cup.  For a topping I chose fresh blueberries (because I LOVE blueberries and lemon together) and I threw in (OK not threw in, but gently placed) a couple of blackberries to go along with the berry bliss.  In a word, it was heavenly.  Darn that devil, Lesa G for introducing me to Yogurtology.  I actually couldn't get it off my mind today, and longed for the cool, fruity flavors; but alas, it's not that close to my house - which is probably really, a good thing.

I'm now interested in trying the shop that Arlene's been to, but I'm also hesitant to try something else since Yogurtology was SO good.  I popped onto the Yogurtology website to see if they had any info that I might share with you.  Yogurtology uses three words to describe their concept, "Simple, Clean, and Delicious."  They claim to be yogurt for yogurt connoisseurs, and even though I certainly wouldn't qualify as a connoisseur at this point, I certainly did enjoy it; and honestly, I can't wait to have it again.
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