Wednesday, May 11, 2011

(43-288) How Ironic...

I had a couple of tidbits that I tossed around tonight, but nothing really struck me as blogworthy. I did my usual, Facebook once over, but wasn't inspired. I checked my email for "Reel Life" quotes; found one that I pondered, and came very close to sharing; until I changed my mind. And then I settled on updating you on my Reunion Coordinator job.

I went so far as to write: Being the Queen of FAIRNESS, I always feel compelled to refresh your memory and remind you of posts that have lead up to whatever my given topic for the day might be. I do this so that if by any chance a new reader has joined me on "The Bumpy Ride," they can backtrack (if they chose to take the time;) in order to understand what and why I'm writing about; as well as for more familiar readers who may have missed a post or two. Am I wasting my time with that? Maybe, but it feels like the right thing to do. With that being said, in order for today's post to make sense, we're gonna have to take a lil walk down memory lane....

I thought that I was on a rol after writing that, so I headed into my archives so that I could gather up the names and links for the previous related blogs; and then there was no turning back.  No, seriously, literally, there was no turning back, because Blogger froze up and went into read only mode.  They posted an announcement stating that at 10pm PST Blogger would be unavailable for about an hour.

I was distressed when I initially read this notice, because I really couldn't wait until 11pm to first start writing this post. Then I thought for a moment, and reasoned that I could at least grab the blog names and links in the meantime; but this proved to be impossible. Frozen as I was, I decided to go back to the drawing board, and ultimately decided that I was still going to update you on my Reunion Coordinator job;  but I was going to have to do so with all of the other info that I wanted to provide.  How ironic that at first I had nothing to write about, and now it's physically and technically impossible for me to write.

In my effort to be pro-active, I decided to start typing my post in a word doc, so that I could just copy and paste it, as soon my darling blogger was up and running again. So in all fairness, I have to say that in the long run, it was totally worth it to pay my dues by gathering yearbook information over the past few weeks, because I have now been assigned four reunions to coordinate. Woohoo!! As of tomorrow, I will be preparing to take over four reunions that my boss has arranged and I am extremely excited. I found out that in addition to the planning that I will do prior to the event, I will also be present at all events that I coordinate. How fun is that going to be!!!

I am so glad that I took a chance and asked for this job.  So proud that I got myself through some tasks that were very difficult for me and that I'll now be able to do a job that I know I'll be very good at. YAY me!!  Nothing's gonna stop me.  Not fear, not discomfort, and not technology.
Till next time...

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