Monday, May 9, 2011

(43-286) A Sad Reminder

I try to be very aware of how precious life is and how unexpectedly it can slip away; and yet, I'm guilty of  spending TOO much time worrying about problems that are insignificant in the big scheme of things.  I strive to be someone who makes the most of each day that I'm given, because I've learned first hand that tomorrow is never promised.  And yet, I still seem to spend a ridiculous amount of time with unnecessary drama; whether I want to or not.  I know that I'm not alone with this, and if I took a poll, I'm sure that at least half of the people would probably say the same; but that just means that we ALL need to reprogram ourselves.

When I got home from the supermarket yesterday, Luis seemed quite solemn.  He told me that he needed to tell me something, and the way that he said it; I got nervous.  He gave me a hug and a kiss, and I asked him what was wrong.  Luis went on to tell me that a couple of police officers had come to his hotel in the morning because they had found a room key that belonged to some guests.  Long story short (REALLY,)  A couple from Alaska, that had been staying at the hotel, had gone out for a walk, and were hit by a car and died instantly.  The driver had fallen asleep at the wheel of his SUV and he hit them both and they were killed immediately.  I cried when he told me, because it seemed so unreal; and yet so possible.  The couple were only in their early fifties; and although they had called the front desk that morning to say that they'd be checking out early, I'm certain that they had no idea how right they were.

My heart broke for their family, who I could only imagine were in shock.  It seemed so incredibly, unfair to me; and yet I KNOW that there are no guarantees.  So this is the lesson that once again I'm trying to teach myself.  And for the benefit of the (say it with me) "Greater Good," I'm sharing with you.

Luis' story is such a sad reminder of how fleeting life can be; but I want to take it to heart.  I want to keep this tragedy and all of the others that I'm aware of, locked up in a tiny compartment in my mind, so that the next time that I'm sweating the small stuff, I can pull it out, and put things into perspective; so that I don't waste another priceless minute.  And I hope that you can do the same.
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