Sunday, May 22, 2011

(43-299) Messages For Luis

Try as we may, we didn't get to speak with Luis yesterday.  I sent him a couple of emails with our schedule, and he left us a voicemail when we were out.  But given the time difference we were never able to connect.  I know the kid's miss him very much, but they've been handling his absence really well. 

Even though it's just a couple of days until Luis comes home; tonight I suggested that they could dictate messages to me and I'd include them in my blog.  So verbatim, these are their messages for Luis:

Kelsie: "Hi Daddy, I miss you very much.  I hope you come home soon.  I want to show you these little bears that I made out of clay.  I hope that you're having a good time in Mexico.  Tell Abuelito and Abuelita that I said hi.  And tell all of our cousins that I said hi, too.  We all miss you.  Love, Ball Ball"

Lyndzi:  "Hi Dad,  I miss you.  I hope that you're having a great time at home.  Please tell Abuelito and Abuelita and the cousins that I love them.  Please give my Nina a hug for me.  I can't wait until you come home so that I can hug you and be with you.  Are you going to be sick of Mexican food by the time you get home?   I love you with all my heart. - Cococita"

Nicky:  "Hey Dad, I hope you're enjoying Puerto Vallarta.  I miss you and when you get home I have tons of things to tell you, show you, and do with you.  Today I found these cool rockets at Michael's and mom's going to give me a coupon so that I can buy one tomorrow,  I also can't wait to do laser tag with you.  Love Trooper"

I had the good fortune to chat with Luis via Facebook instant messenger, so I don't really have much to say to him now, other than,  I love him and miss him and I can't wait to have him back here with us; because he completes us. 
Till next time...

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