Sunday, May 15, 2011

(43-292) Two New Finds

Tonight, in the interest of (say it with me) "The Greater good," I'm going to share two new finds that thrilled me no end this weekend.  If you already know about either or both of these items, I apologize for my tardiness; but if this is the first that you're hearing about them, then I'm pleased as punch to introduce them to you.

First, I went absolutely nuts over Bath & Body Works Vanilla Pistachio, Anti-bacterial, deep cleansing hand soap.  I was at an outlet mall and was delighted to find a Bath & Body works store.  They had their anti-bacterial soaps (which I adore), on sale for just $2.50  I was immediately drawn to the Vanilla Pistachio as I'd never seen it before, and the sales woman told me that it was only just introduced as a special, around Mother's day.  It's rich, it's luxurious, it's scrumptious!!  So, if you haven't had the pleasure of smelling it for yourself; put it on your list of things to do SOON, because I think that you're going to find it hard to resist.

My second find was at Sam's Club.  I came across the cutest sample display.  The woman had what appeared to be lollipops but in all actuality they were Nature Sweet, Sunbursts, sweet golden snacking tomatoes, on lollipop sticks.  They looked extraordinarily enticing, and after I ate one,, I did something that I NEVER do.  I asked if I could have another... I ate the second, and then I took one for Luis because I was so impressed.  Although I thought the 32 oz. of tomatoes were a lil pricey at just under $6.00; I couldn't resist, and I bought them.  I ate a couple as soon as I got home, and then I put some in my salad.  Truth be told I am not a tomatoe lover; but I am just wild about these. 

If you try either of my great finds, please dropsend me a quick email  or leave me a comment and let me know what you think..

Now honestly, where else but "The Bumpy Ride," would you read about a new, hand soap and tomatoes, in the same blog?  I know it's a lil odd, but since I found them both to be so fabulous, it made perfect sense to me.  And since I'm such a firm believer in delighting in the little things, and taking your happiness where you find it; I had to share these great new finds with you.  As always, I hope that you're all taking the time to enjoy the simple pleasures that make life so great.
Till next time...

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