Monday, May 23, 2011

(43-300) Homestretch

I can hardly believe that this is my 300th consecutive post of "The Bumpy Ride."  It just doesn't seem possible.  I think I've exhausted the whole SNL cheerleader / milestone bit; but I'm gonna give myself a good ole pat on the back for this one.

I remember struggling to get to post 266, and thinking, "I'll only have 100 to go from there, and I can do this"; but quite honestly, I really doubted myself.  And now 34 posts past that, and I only have 66 to go, so just like the little engine that could, I actually "think I can, I think I can!" 

300 posts; I'm in the homestretch and that feels like something to celebrate.  Since no celebration of mine would be complete without dancing, I'm gonna share my new favorite song "Price Tag", with the hope that you'll listen and get yer groove on with me... (Go ahead, play it now, and then you can finish reading.)

Now that you've caught your breath; in the interest of (say it with me), "The Greater Good", I have one more song to share.  It's not a dance song, but one that I heard at my kid's school talent show of all places.  I found the message to be poignant and I hope that you will too. Even if you've never listened to any of the other songs that I've posted in previous blogs, PLEASE take a listen to  "Who says" by Selena Gomez; and celebrate who YOU are.
Till next time...

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