Wednesday, October 27, 2010

(43-92) BOOBS

When I originally conceived the idea for this post; it was going to be called, Feel Your Boobies; in honor of the annual mammogram that I had today; AND Breast cancer awareness month.  However, the results are now in for the MIX 96.9 fridge art contest; so I chose THIS title as I believe it's applicable to both matters.

I'm sure that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the sarcasm aimed towards MIX 96.9 means that Lyndzi didn't win the contest; and NO, I'm not a sore loser.  What I AM, as I've mentioned before; is the Queen of FAIRNESS; and as I like things to be fair; when you call something an art contest; I expect the art to really be a factor; and this time it wasn't even a consideration.  The truth of the matter is, that someone could have submitted a stick figure or even just wrote their name; but if their parents, family and friends voted for them enough; the prize could be theirs.  Yes, yes; I know that I've told you this before; and surely someone who didn't know me, might just think that this is sour grapes; but I promise you that this is not the case.  Shall I remind you of the year that Sanjaya was on "American Idol," and how I vehemently complained because the organizers of the "vote for the worst" website were sabotaging "American idol," by telling people to vote for Sanjaya.  This travesty had an adverse effect on "American idol" because it allowed a much less talented individual to remain in the competition longer than others who deserved to be there.  See, I'm always a champion of fairness and justice; this time it just so happens that it involves one of my children, so I'm even more fired up.

The bottom line is... it is what it is; and there is nothing that anyone can do about it; EXCEPT thank those of you who did vote for Lyndzi.  We truly appreciate your effort on her behalf; and so we say, thank you!!

I dreaded having to tell Lyndzi that she didn't win; but sometimes a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.  When she got home from school, I broke the news to her; and even though she's typically not a crier; she cried.  She cried a lot.  And when I asked why she was crying; she said "I really wanted to win."  I pointed out that she was a winner because lots of people had seen her art work, and were very impressed with her; and I reminded her of how many people supported her; and after a while, she stopped crying.
Lyndzi bounced back and asked if we could find some more art contests for her to enter; and I said that we could definitely look into it; but that she could only enter legitimate contests that judge the submission.  Lyndzi agreed; and picked up her pencils and started drawing again.  And to quote Forrest Gump "That's all I got to say about that."

Now before dealing with these boobs today; I had to deal with my own.  I don't even remember how old I was the first time that I had a mammogram; (see, there's that memory thing again....) For some reason I think that I had the first one when I was living in Orlando, which would put me at about 27 or 28 years old; which certainly is young for a mammogram, but given my Mom's history with cancer; it was recommended that I start early.  My mammogram had been normal; thank God, and I continued to have one done annually with equally successful results.
I don't remember my Mom ever going for a mammogram before she was diagnosed with Cancer; and I don't think that this is just my memory going.  Although it's true that I might not have known about every Doctor's appointment that my Mom attended; but my point is; perhaps if she did have a mammogram; they could have detected her cancer earlier.  And so I say to you, FEEL YOUR BOOBIES!  Take care of yourselves.  Don't let fear rule your lives.  Make your regularly scheduled appointments.  Have your physicals, your pap smears (sorry fellas; but tell your wives...) Have your mammograms if you are at the age where you should be doing so and if you have a history of Cancer in your family; start younger.  FEEL YOUR BOOBIES!  Conduct your monthly self breast exams; and make sure that everything feels right.  Remember breast cancer cannot be detected by pain, because usually a cancerous lump doesn't hurt.  So the only way that you'll be able to detect something abnormal is by knowing yourself.
If you've never had a mammogram before; don't be afraid.  It's a fairly quick procedure and trust me, if you've ever had an gynecologist appointment ladies (and you'd better have;) that is far worse.  You'll have to remove your shirt and bra and they'll give you a cover up.    Then they'll take films, one breast at a time.  Typically 4 pictures total.  They'll have to compress your breast so that the tissue spreads out and they can get a clear image; but it only takes a few seconds; just like an x-ray; and if you cooperate, it will be over before you know it.  Helpful hint: in case you've never had a mammogram before; you can't wear deodorant or powder, because it causes shadows on the films. 

OK, so now that I've just run through Mammo 101; let me say that I'm completely relieved to have gotten the dentist, my physical (and all that it entailed;) and my mammogram over and done with.  I got my Physical results yesterday; and I'm delighted to say that all is well.  The mammogram tech said that my films looked good and of course, the radiologist will have to read them ; but I have a feeling that the girls and I are just fine. 

I've always been very good about scheduling and attending my annual check-ups.  Maybe because I'm a rule follower; or perhaps because I learned first hand, how abruptly illness can strike.  With all of the medical advances that have been made since my Mom was first diagnosed and given all of the technology that we have now; there should be no reason that YOUR children should have to lose YOU unexpectedly.
Till next time...


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Bummer she didn't win...but sadly a lot of contests are like that!!

Joni Parker said...

She's a winner no matter what!! It was a good place to "get her feet wet" so to speak... there's a lesson in the experience somewhere. -- I'm good with the Boobies....I had a baseline and go every 2 years for my mammo, yearly for my PAPs!! I agree with there being technology so no reason to not go...except for the outrageous cost associated that the insurace doesn't cover (applied to deductible) even after our crazy monthly premiums. (ok..does that sound familiar...?)