Tuesday, January 4, 2011

(43-161) The Princess of Positivity

Today I had a very interesting series of text messages with my friend / soccer director; Big Mike.  I won't go into the whole story; NO I WON'T.  But I'll just say that he and I have been trying to book a location for our end of year tournament and it hasn't been going well.  We are sitting on pins and needles, waiting for our venue of choice to confirm our request; and unfortunately, we are running out of time.  Since I said I'm not going to tell the whole story, and I'm NOT; I'll jump ahead and tell you that I told Mike that just because the tournament was a priority to us, didn't mean that the woman we were waiting on saw it as a priority.  I told him that I thought we would get the booking because if the fields weren't available, then she would have told us already; and it's probably just taking a while so that she can work out all of the details.  Clearly I was the one drinking out of the half full glass today; because Mike thanked me for my positive outlook and decided to jump on my optimistic bandwagon.

I HAVE to think positively.  I want to put good energy out there, because I know from experience that you reap what you sow.  BUT, I wasn't ALWAYS positive; it was a way that I chose to be, a way that I convinced myself to be; and I've lead a much happier life ever since.

Now people often say that Lyndzi is my mini me.  Of all my kids, she is the one who resembles me the most; and whose character traits are MOST like mine.  She's klutzy, LIKE ME.  She can be shy, LIKE ME, She tries to be funny, LIKE ME; and she is one tough chick, LIKE ME.  Lyndzi has a very caring and sensitive heart; LIKE ME and she strives to make others happy, LIKE ME.  I could go on and on; REALLY, I could; but suffice it to say that the similarities are endless.  The one thing that I will say about Lyndzi, and the way that we differ, is that she has always been a ray of sunshine, she glows.  There is a warmth that Lyndzi exudes that is something that I didn't have at her age; (or now) and along with this warmth comes a positivity that she was born with.  I often refer to Lyndzi as Little Mary Sunshine; but I think that I will from now on refer to her as the Princess of POSITIVITY; after all, if I'm the Queen; wouldn't it stand to reason that she's the Princess?  And so, in honor of the Princess of POSITIVITY, I'm going to share another one of her brilliant works of art.   

The below drawing is Lyndzi's version of the "Junie B. Jones Is A Party Animal," book cover.  She drew it at school, which is why it's on looseleaf.  I'm sure that she never expected it to be featured in my blog today; but I thought it was SO good; that I had to share.  

What more can I say... I find her attention to detail remarkable, and I think that her expression of movement is exceptional for a nine year old. I am SO proud of Lyndzi for all that she is and all that she does. 
Till next time...

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Joni Parker said...

Wowwwwwzzzeeerrrr!! LOVE the drawing Lyndzi!!! It's amazing!! I can't wait to show Joseph tonight!!