Saturday, January 29, 2011

(43-186) Good Sports

I sat at dinner tonight and discussed possible blog topics with Luis, Jenny and (SMF) David; as I REALLY didn't want to write about what happened at the tournament today.  But I just re-read yesterday's post, "I Had A Feelin;"  and it seems to me, that I would be remiss if I didn't tell you what the outcome of the tournament was; so here we go...

I woke our household up at 650am because we needed to be on the soccer field by 815.  As Luis and I got everyone ready, we discussed the drama from the night before; and we knew that we were in for yet another unpredictable day.  Luis and the Torpedos played their first game at 9 and they lost 5 to 1; but everyone played really well.  Kelsie's goalie kicks were the best they'd been all season; and the team played as well as possible considering they were missing their highest scoring forward, who was at the doctor with  a fever and an earache.

We had a break for an hour, so Luis, Jenny, (SMF) David and I, took the kids to McDonald's, so we could have some coffee and the kids could play.  We discussed the previous night's events, and agreed that we all just wanted to enjoy the tournament today.

We were back on the field by 11:15 for Lyndzi's game.  After missing last weeks game, because she was sick; and missing a week and a half of practice, my girl played goalie for the first half; and made a brilliant save.  She played as well as ever, and her team won four to zero. 

As soon as Lyndzi's game was over, we went on to Nicky's.  Nicky's team played unbelievably well, and won the final game of their tournament seven to zero. Nicky's coach presented the medals and trophies to the team; and when he'd finished; he told Nicky that he had chosen him as one of five players to play in next weeks All-Star game.  We were / are SO delighted for Nicky!!!

With three games down and two to go; both Lyndzi and Kelsie had a game at 3:00.  Kelsie was doing a great job as goalie, until she announced to me that she HAD to go to the bathroom.  I told Luis; and he subbed her out so that she could use the restroom.  Ultimately, the Torpedos tied 1 to 1; and finished their tournament in third place.  I am so PROUD, of Luis and Kelsie.  Luis did such a great job for his first venture as a coach and Kelsie came SO far this season.  

Trying to watch two games concurrently was not easy; but we sat in between the two fields so that we could keep an eye on both.  Lyndzi's team won five to zero, so they too came in first place for the tournament.   Lyndzi's coach gave out their medals and said something about each of the players.  He spoke about what a great goalie Lyndzi had become and how he looked forward to teaching her how to dive for the ball next season.

We hugged our friends, packed up our gear and concluded another GREAT soccer season.  We learned a lot about soccer and about people; and we left feeling confident that our children had all improved their soccer skills this season; had a great time playing; and behaved as all around good sports.
Till next time...

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