Sunday, January 30, 2011

(43-187) "Get A Job" By Nicky Ramos

My emotions were all over the place today; and why wouldn't they be?  The past two days had been both joyful AND stressful; and I was tired physically AND emotionally.  I ran a couple of errands and suffice it to say that nothing went smoothly.  Then to top it off, Kelsie was getting on my last nerve; and yes, I did just say that.

When I returned from my errands, I was frazzled. I'd had enough; but then Nicky told me that he'd used his cell phone to make some videos of his Lego's. I told him that I'd love to see them; but I had no idea what to expect.  When he showed me the videos, I laughed and laughed.  I couldn't believe how creative Nicky had been; and I was astonished by his work.  I mean, I know that Nicky is an extremely, intelligent guy and that he's not your average 11 1/2 year old boy; but theses videos really took me by surprise.  He'd shot 3 videos that were between 1 to 2 minutes long; but in order for him to text it to me; so I could then email it to my account and post it to my blog; he had to make a shorter one; and that's what I'm going to share with you now.

Without further ado; I present "Get A Job," by Nicky Ramos.

Till next time...

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Joni Parker said...

I'll have to watch this from home...they block video from my office..(understandably!)