Sunday, January 16, 2011

(43-173) Luis' Dream

I set my alarm for 830 this morning, because I was going to go over to Mari's to scrapbook for a little while.  Luis wanted to get up at 830 as well, because he had a full day of painting ahead of him.  YES, he's STILL painting; and probably will be for another week or so.  Anyway, I told Luis that it was time to get up; but as is usual; he didn't wake up the first time I told him.  I had gotten out of bed, and again told him that it was time to get up; but he asked me to come back to the bed; because he had to tell me something.

(For the purpose of this story, you need to know that Christina is our hairdresser and she just recently closed the shop that she had with her mom who is also a hairdresser.)

I climbed back into bed, and Luis said "I just had the most real dream."  He went on to tell me that we were in Sedona, walking down the street and we saw Christina's mom, and she had opened a Barber shop with her husband.  We went in to say hello, and I asked Luis if he wanted to get a haircut; and he did.  Luis said that Christina's dad cut his hair, and he'd done done a good job. Luis asked me if I wanted to get a haircut; and I said yes.  I got my haircut, and we left the shop; and as we were walking down the street, Luis said "I'm so sorry Pooh, (because that's what he calls me) but your haircut is terrible."  I said "what do you mean?"  And Luis went on to say "You didn't tell the guy what to do to your hair, and so he gave you a haircut like mine."  I said "what do you mean?  Don't I have my wedge in the back?"  And he said "No,  it's flat and short in the back; just like mine."  I said "what about my curls?"  And Luis shook his head no.  I asked how this could be possible; and said that I needed to go to the restroom so that I could look in the mirror (because apparently there wasn't one in the barber shop;) but Luis begged me not to.  I insisted, and when I came back from the restroom, I was almost in tears.  Luis tried to reassure me, by telling me that my hair grows quickly, and in a couple of weeks it should look much better.  He said that we walked by an OPC (time share wrangler; in case you're unfamiliar with the acronym) and when he tried to start his spiel; I told him, "Please, I don't want any tickets, I don't want anything for free, I don't want to talk;" and we walked away.  Luis said that it was at this point that he heard me calling his name; and he woke up, so incredibly relieved to see that I still had my hair and that it had all been a dream.

I have to tell you; Luis is not typically a good storyteller, and he knows this; but the way that he described this dream; I was laughing hysterically.  His facial expressions were priceless; and his description of his dream was delightful; even though it wasn't a good dream by any means.  Luis was so happy to wake up to me and my hair as it was; which is fantastic because I think he's been mourning the loss of my longer hair for years.  Maybe THAT'S what this dream meant.  Perhaps he's still unhappy that my hair is short and the extremeness of the cut in the dream, symbolizes how drastic my present haircut is compared to my longer hair.  And then again; sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.  Only Luis knows for sure.
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