Saturday, January 15, 2011

(43-172) Little United

Today I witnessed the most incredible soccer game EVER!!  And for those of you who regularly read "The Bumpy Ride," you might be asking yourself, how many different kinds of soccer stories can she write;  but trust me when I tell you, that this one is worth the read.

I'm starting to find trends in our game days at soccer.  For instance, last week Lyndzi had the first game of the day and her team seemed a little off.  Then we went to Nicky's game, and although they won; his team seemed off as well.  Fast forward to today, and we were on the field by 7:20 to set up our goal and warm up for Kelsie's 8am game.  By 8 the opposing team only had four players, and their coach was no where to be found.  Some of our dads were kind enough to set up the goal for the other team, but by a few minutes after 8, it seemed unlikely that our game would take place.  The ref told me that the team had until 10 minutes after 8, to get a minimum of four players and a goalie on the field, or they'd have to forfeit.  One of the moms from their team stepped up to try and coach the four kids; and although Luis could have played seven kids, like a regular game; he did the right thing and played four as well.

By 820 or so, the other coach showed up with his son; so we were able to play 5 on 5, and the Torpedos won 8 to 1.

Both Nicky and Lyndzi were supposed to have 930 games, so I asked Luis if he wanted to go to Lyndzi's game first, and I'd go to Nicky's; because I had a feeling that if Luis went to Nicky's game first; come half time, Luis wouldn't want to leave Nicky's game.  Now here's the symmetry part... Nicky's team only had five players today; and the other team had 14. This has never happened before.  Nicky's team had to forfeit because they needed to have a minimum of seven players in order to "technically" have a game.  Nicky's coaches decided to play the game anyway, and told the opposing coach that he could play as many players as he liked; instead of just playing five, like us.  The other coach took them up on their offer, and played 11 players on the field, against our five.

I was sitting with (SMF) David, and our mouths just dropped.  Neither of us could believe that the opposing team was going to play so many players; and yet they did.  Within the first couple of minutes, the opposing team scored; and very shortly thereafter; so did Nicky.  And after Nicky scored; so did our goalie.  That's right, I said SO DID OUR GOALIE.  Our goalie got a hold of the ball, and ran the field and scored; not once, but three times by half time.

The coach of the opposing team was going wild.  He loudly advised his players that there were two of them to cover each one of our players; but you never would have known it.  David and I kept remarking how absolutely, unbelievable this game was; and I said "I can't leave at half time;" even though I knew that I had to.

When Luis arrived at half time, I apprised him of the situation and let him know that we were winning 4-1.  I went off to Lyndzi's game, which her team won; and then rushed back to Nicky's. 

There were a few minutes left in the game when I arrived, and the score was 5 to 3; with Little United still winning.  Luis told me that Nicky had scored two more goals, but one didn't count because he had been off sides.  Little United was exhausted, but they battled on; and when the whistle blew, they had won the game that they had to forfeit.

Oh my God, oh my God, OH MY GOD!  This was absolutely one of the best things that I had ever seen in my life; and I'm not just talking soccer.  I have so enjoyed watching Little United play all season long.  They are truly poetry in motion.  The coaches are the most knowledgeable, and skilled that I have ever encountered and I know that Luis is not insulted by that statement.  Nicky has made so much progress as a player with this team, and their drive and spirit are just spectacular.  

We only have one game left before heading to our end of season tournament, and I for one am going to miss watching Little United in action.
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