Thursday, January 27, 2011

(43-184) Half Way There

It's SNL Cheerleader time again my friends. "Milestone, milestone, who's got a milestone?"  "IT'S ME!  IT'S ME!!"   YUP!  Believe it or not, I am half way there. With the completion of last night's post "Whatcha Need,"  I have now begun the second half of my ascent towards post # 366; and I for one, just can't believe it.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again; I have NO idea how I'm doing this; but I'm very proud of my commitment and I'm extremely grateful to those of you who are supporting me.

Now, with that being said; let's get on with getting on.  When I first started writing "The Bumpy Ride," I said that I was going to write about a multitude of things - one of them being, reality TV.  It's been a few months since I've tackled this subject; and with the return of "American Idol," I think that now is an opportune time to share my opinion.

When I wrote "100 MORE Random Things About Me," I said "I don't think "American Idol" will be the same without Simon Cowell;" and although I wish he were there;  I have to admit that I've really enjoyed the 3 episodes of "Idol" that I've seen thus far.  I like the chemistry between Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.  And even though I find Steven to be excessively flirtatious; I also think that he's amusing and entertaining in a way that I wouldn't have expected.  I'm impressed with J-LO; (I'm sure she'll be just thrilled to hear that...)  She seems to be very caring, sincere and down to earth; and I think she'll make a great role model for the contestants.  Randy's just Randy; and it appears as though he meshes well with the newbies; so I'm totally looking forward to this season.

Although Luis and I don't frequently watch the same TV shows, we both wanted to watch "American Idol;" and last night, Luis made a very interesting observation.  We were discussing how many people they put through to Hollywood, that never would have made it in previous seasons; because Simon would have said the contestant(s) didn't have "IT;" or because they didn't have the right look.  But this season seems to be a lot more like the first season was; in as much as they're offering chances to people who are less "it" and more different.  People who can sing, but aren't necessarily commercial; and I think that there's a nice symmetry to that.  It's almost as if they're starting all over again and getting back to basics.

If you haven't watched "American Idol" yet this season, let me tell you that there are some really interesting, and  amazing contestants; and barring any interference from that heinous,;  I think that this season of "American Idol," may just be its best yet.  Lucky for me, I've got 182 more opportunities to tell you all about it.
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Joni Parker said...

I haven't caught the new season yet...almost forgot... will have to watch for it.